The cloud has created opportunities for businesses to leverage the massive economies of scale and efficiencies for all types of services including flexible or “elastic” computing, storage and file sharing services, email, voice services and much more. CWPS has introduced a new portfolio of cloud services to complement our existing offerings giving you more options to choose the right solution for your business.

How We Architect Your Solution


How We Can Support Your Solution

CWPS Managed Services


CWPS will design your solution aligned with your business goals and technical requirements, ensuring optimum system performance.


CWPS will integrate devices and new capabilities in accordance with the design—leveraging your investment and improving availability or performance.


CWPS will provide multi-tier support with a 24x7 around-the-clock, live service desk operation, parts replacement and on-site support.


CWPS will proactively monitor the health and vital signs of your network to improve service quality and availability.


CWPS will deploy modern security and data protection tools, technologies and processes to ensure performance and recovery.


CWPS will keep the network updated and help you prepare for changing needs; continually evolving the network to improve results.
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