CWPS has a variety of experience and solutions that we offer to Federal agencies …

Laptop Integration

CWPS acts as the quality control, asset management and fulfillment contractor for all laptop computers, monitors and printers for a federal agency. This is a multi-year, GSA based contract.

Software Asset Management

CWPS provides the design, development, and implementation of processes and IT tools to manage Software Assets on behalf of the Federal Government.

Support Center

The CWPS Support Center serves as the proactive and reactive telephony and IT help desk for several hundred commercial and federal customers.

Voice and Data Integration

CWPS installed 4,000 IP stations at the headquarters of the United States Coast Guard. The system supports approximately 300 analog endpoints and includes advanced applications such as E911, call accounting and call center functionality. The underlying infrastructure is a Cisco fully routed network.

The CWPS approach to IT support is built on the following principles …

Process Engineering

Process engineering plays a key role in every CWPS solution. From on-site contracting to large-scale telephony solutions, process engineering is what makes the difference between simply meeting customer requirements and creating truly optimal, lasting solutions.


CWPS is dedicated to helping our customers identify strategic parameters that need to be quantified, as well as developing the processes to collect data necessary for measurement.

Use of Available Technology

CWPS uses modern technological solutions to provide both proactive and reactive support. These systems provide notification, historical documentation and remote control capabilities. As a result, CWPS is able to close issues faster and, sometimes, prevent them before they happen.

Breadth of Expertise

CWPS is an infrastructure vendor capable of supporting both telephony and IT infrastructures. This reduces the number of vendors required to support your organization and speeds resolution time.