Asset Management and Configuration Item Documentation

Leveraging the Configuration Item information in Autotask, the IT Fitness Database creates detailed Asset Management, Budget and Configuration Item Information reports.

Hardware Assets

Every IT hardware asset has a useful life.  Many of these devices have moving parts, so they must be replaced every 3 to 5 years.  CWPS catalogs and ages your IT hardware assets during our onboarding process and this database allows CWPS to provide you meaningful asset recapitalization information.  This information is available from CWPS in real-time and is reviewed at each periodic business review.

Software Assets

Unlike hardware assets, many software assets have a perpetual life as long as you keep your support contracts current.   Therefore, it is important to understand the renewal dates and terms around you software licensing.  Likewise, it is important to understand what you are using so that you are not paying for software that is going unused.  CWPS’ Asset Intelligence program provides meaningful guidance for you to make good decisions about your software assets.

Support Contracts

Whether it is a hardware warranty renewal, a support contract renewal or a circuit renewal CWPS can capture it in our database.  We will review this information with you at each business review to make sure your IT spend is as impactful as possible.