Simplifying App Logins With Single Sign On Solutions

Our lives are complicated, in part, because we have multiple digital tools on multiple devices, each typically with its own password requirements. The solution for most of us is to use the same password across multiple devices. This poses a problem particularly for IT administrators that are tasked with improving cybersecurity. On the flip side, having multiple passwords is not only hard to keep track of, it also results in a lot of password resets and frustration for the end-user. 

Why You Need Dark Web Monitoring In Your Cybersecurity Toolbox

The dark web is real and it’s something that you should be worried about. While there are a lot of different types of cyber threats out there, the dark web is the place where much of the data that is stolen from corporate servers end up. For about $15 you can buy computer logins, and for about a $1,000 you can get a full identity complete with social security numbers.

The Best Solutions For Managing Remote Employees

Small Business Trends lays out the stats for us: around 3.9 million employees spend at least half the week working remotely. While this has been a terrific benefit for employees, there are drawbacks for IT managers. Instead of managing LANs and WANs, we’ve expanded our networks to include multi-device, multi-location, dispersed teams.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Application Management

There has been an evolution in mobile device management from the big stick approach that tries to manage employee personal devices to the more granular mobile application management. Wired had an article on MDM vs. MAM and said, “taking a command-and-control approach to managing mobile devices that are typically owned by employees has turned out to be a misguided strategy.”

The 7 Top Microsoft Intune Features

Microsoft Intune is part of the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite, which provides mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) in the cloud. Microsoft Intune helps businesses manage all of the devices accessing their network while controlling access to corporate data and improving IT security.

This article will look at Microsoft Intune features to provide you with an understanding of how to best use this tool.

Office 365 e3 vs e5: What Makes Sense For Your Business?

IT has a tough job these days. It’s caught between users that want easy access and the necessity of protecting data from encroachment in an ever-widening network where personal devices are seeking access just as frequently as an in-house desktop.

Comparing Azure vs. AWS Pricing

There are four primary cloud providers on the market today: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google, and IBM. What’s been interesting to watch, over the past decade, is the marathon for market share that these providers have been running.

How Intune Conditional Access Keeps Your Data Safe

Have you heard about Intune conditional access? Intune is a cloud-offering from Microsoft that allows for secure mobile management. Intune is Microsoft’s solution for IT managers who feel a desperate need to secure mobile devices and apps and their access to email and other corporate data.

4 Methods For Mitigating Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Threats

A zero-day threat is a security vulnerability that’s exploited by a hacker on the same day it appears. The problem is the breach happens so quickly; there’s no patch available to fix it. The first time you knew the vulnerability occurred was when the hacker used it to attack your organization.

How to Prepare For an Office 365 Cutover Migration

IT professionals understand the value of planning before the go-live happens. How many disasters have occurred because a lack of planning has stymied a project? In the transition from on-premise applications, to the cloud, what are the key planning metrics that any IT manager must address before making either an Office 365 cutover migration or an Office 365 hybrid migration?