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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on March 24, 2016
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Sometimes it can be difficult for IT professionals to see the Internet of Things as anything but a significant security risk. Rather than simply putting your anti-virus solutions through the paces, the Internet of Things could become a beneficial way to automate our work and home environments. Here are a few things we'd like to see come to fruition in the IoT.

  1. Pet feeders. What's the worst thing about being at work? Being away from your pets, of course. An automated pet feeder would make it easy to control your pet's diet and reward them for being your best friend. 
  2. Medications. Have trouble remembering your medications at the end of the day? Why not receive an email or text message from your pill case? While we're at it, you might need a reminder to take your contacts out. 
  3. Plants. We just can't keep plants alive - is it just us? If plants could ask for water through a WiFi connected pot, they might stand a fighting chance.
  4. Coffee makers. Wouldn't it be great if we could tell the status of the coffee maker before getting to it? Or Automatically brew up a new cup when desired? Of course, you'll still need a reliable authentication system to make sure hackers don't switch your office to decaf.
  5. Microwaves. Who doesn't go to check the microwave repeatedly just to see how close the timer is? With the Internet of Things, you could have a constant microwave watch on your desktop.  

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  6. Razors. Everyone knows that unsettling experience of scraping a dull razor against your skin. With the Internet of Things, you could have a new razor on the way just as your old one is depleted.
  7. Status updates. Why manually update your social media accounts? Your Internet of Things devices could monitor your mood and automatically let your coworkers and family know whether to approach or avoid you. 
  8. Breakfast. Too little cereal? Too little milk? A combined pitcher and container would let you know whether or not you have the perfect amount of both cereal and milk for your breakfast. 
  9. Keys. Where the heck did your keys go? GPS coordinates are the best way to figure it out easy. 
  10. Credit cards. Credit cards should automatically start alerting us when we're damaging our credit score; say a glowing red card when we're approaching the limits.

Naturally, until the above ideas come into development, the Internet of Things may just remain a bit of a cybersecurity pest. To learn more about the Internet of Things, cybersecurity solutions, or to talk to us about more IoT ideas that will ultimately make us lazier, contact CWPS today.

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