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Posted by Nathan Muller on July 6, 2015

Virtual Desktop InfrastructureA virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides users with desktops and applications on their computers, notebooks, and mobile clients. They get direct access to data and features – stored and managed in the data center as if they were loaded on their local devices. IT Managers get peace of mind with a comprehensive solution set that offers the following advantages:

Stronger security – Virtual desktops are hosted in the corporate data center, which better protects employees and information from malicious viruses and Trojan attacks.

Business continuity – With desktops and data hosted in the corporate data center, it is easier to back-up and archive according to your organizational policies. Restores are easier too, providing consistent end-user availability of desktops and protection from outages due to PC failures.

Risk mitigation – Since desktops, apps and critical information are hosted in the corporate data center, nothing ever leaves the corporate campus. Access devices are password protected and transmissions between the data center are encrypted. IT staff can even monitor and prevent data downloads to external devices.

Higher employee satisfaction – Employees can use any device (thin clients, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones), running any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.) to access their desktops, which are hosted and managed in the corporate data center. Their experience will be on par with, if not better than, the experience they have with their current desktop/laptop, with the environment being far more secure for everyone.

Streamlined compliance – Your organization has the tools required to stay in complete industry and regulatory compliance. You can run reports and ascertain compliance for your specific industry - healthcare, finance, government, education.

Virtual Desktop solutions are implemented by CWPS in partnership with industry leaders, who have proven expertise and experience deploying the entire solution stack. CWPS provides a single point of contact for everything.

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