10 Common Backup Issues and the Importance of Cloud Backup Services - CWPS

Posted by Nathan Muller on January 27, 2015

cloud backup services Regardless of your approach to data backup, you’ve likely encountered the following:

  1. Damaged target media, including tape and disk, which requires a costly and time-consuming data recovery service
  2. Corrupted backup data
  3. Human error in proper formatting of the backup medium or overwriting backup data
  4. Delayed recovery process due to backup tapes or disks being stored offsite
  5. Accidental deletion of a file or software bug replicated to backup due to remote mirroring
  6. Unavailability of IT staff required for recovery and/or restoration
  7. Impaired connectivity hampering recovery of a file from the cloud
  8. Self-service interface and process for file recovery from a cloud service was too complex for most users
  9. Granular file recovery was unavailable—multiple files and applications or an entire snapshot had to be restored for to recover a small number of critical files
  10. RTO or RPO could not be achieved

Each of these all-too-common challenges need to be proactively addressed by a backup system, whether it is deployed internally or in conjunction with an external service provider, like CWPS. Consistently reliable and cost-effective data backup must be paired with rapid recovery and restoration at a granular level without complex administration processes or requiring technical know-how.

To learn how to avoid these sins and find out more about our cloud backup services, contact CWPS today at: (877) 297-7472 or connect@cwps.com.



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