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Posted by Nathan Muller on January 22, 2015

Benefits of a Hosted Virtual DesktopIn the world of “virtual desktops” a user's operating system, apps and files are hosted and managed in the data center. Each user’s individualized desktop configuration is accessed over a wireless or wired network from any device — PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone — just by logging in with a username and password.

Hosted virtual desktops not only support more mobile work styles and enable impressive productivity gains, they ease the IT management burden:

  • Rebuilding an infected, bogged-down computer is accomplished simply by calling up and reloading the saved image of a user's PC. Everything boots up refreshed, including the user’s personalized desktop configuration.
  • The use of authorized corporate software is much easier to enforce.
  • Software upgrades and patches are centrally controlled. The days of updating one user at a time are over.
  • The use of automated backup tools ensures that no PC or user's data is left behind.

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