Caving Under the Burden? - CWPS Offers Personalized IT Fitness Plan for Your Business

Posted by Nathan Muller on July 15, 2015

CWPS IT Fitness PlanWhether you’re an existing CWPS client or looking for a customized network assessment, our IT Fitness Plan can help you discover what’s working well and what needs attention.

  • Is central anti-virus management installed and working?
  • Are all systems being backed up? Have they been tested?
  • Is an anti-spam appliance or service in place?


The CWPS IT Fitness Report provides a comprehensive review of your IT environment. CWPS measures the health of your major IT subsystems by analyzing several key metrics in each area. This process is dynamic and ongoing and CWPS continually adapts the metrics to reflect the current state of technology.

Your report is broken down into 3 sections:

  • IT Fitness Scorecard: An executive summary of your IT environment that provides a one page view of the report data.
  • IT Fitness Metric Review: Provides details of each metric reviewed by CWPS, organized by IT subsystem.
  • IT Fitness Plan: Provides a narrative analysis of problem areas and CWPS recommended resolutions.


Think you need a network assessment? Find out how the CWPS IT Fitness Plan can better inform and benefit your business… Contact us today at: (877) 297-7472 or

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