Why 70% of Enterprises are Forecasting Bigger Cloud Computing Budgets - CWPS

Posted by Nathan Muller on September 15, 2013

cloud-150Results of a recent Cloud computing spending forecast indicate businesses of all types and sizes are planning to spend more on Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud IT solutions. Why?

In addition to helping businesses achieve cost savings and simplified IT management, Cloud solutions offer three key advantages…

− On-demand access to computing utilities

− Virtually unlimited computing resources

− Support for on-demand scale-up, scale-down, and scale-out

By shifting the hardware and staffing costs of managing the IT infrastructure to qualified third parties, cloud computing makes it possible for smaller organizations to deploy and support world-scale services, while only paying for the marginal cost of actual resource usage.

CWPS can support all of your IT infrastructure needs, on-site and off-site, and help you migrate to a Cloud computing solution that’s tailored for your business. Contact the Cloud and Virtualization experts at CWPS today: (877) 297-7472 or connect@cwps.com.


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