Not Just Safe & Secure Offsite... CWPS Easy Data Protection's Vault is Out-of-Region

Posted by Nathan Muller on July 20, 2015

easy data protectionWhen you subscribe to CWPS EDP for your enterprise-class storage needs, your backups will be stored and protected out-of-region at the CWPS Vault in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This redundantly equipped, multi-level secured EDP Datacenter is supported with technologies from our industry leading partners…

NetApp provides disk aggregation technology, coupled with RAID-DP, for high throughput and performance.

VMware provides the compute layer of the CWPS EDP Vault, virtualized on VMware’s flagship VSphere Enterprise Plus platform. Compute resources are spread across a multitude of host machines to achieve high availability and elasticity for on-demand resource allocation.

Asigra provides an N+1 grid configuration on a Linux cluster, allowing unmatched scalability and increased availability, allowing the EDP service to survive node failures without interrupting backups in progress.

Check out the CWPS Easy Data Protection service here.

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