How Cisco Meraki Simplifies Campus & Remote Office Oversight - CWPS

Posted by Nathan Muller on June 9, 2015

Cisco partnerCisco’s Meracki networking group, offers a way to simplify the management of your wireless campus and remote offices over the web. Here’s how it works…

  1. Reliable, high-performance Cisco Meraki wireless APs, switches, and security appliances are deployed in your campus and remote branches.
  2. The devices automatically connect to the Cisco Meraki cloud over SSL, register with your network, and download their configuration.
  3. This gives you complete visibility and control over your entire network over the web. You can configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics, or view reports with a few clicks.
  4. Tasks such as RF optimization and VPN configuration are automated in the cloud, while firmware updates and application signatures are seamlessly deployed over the web.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment with self-provisioning, self-optimizing hardware
  • Control applications, users and devices
  • Built-in multi-site management
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Future proof and always up to date, with seamless over-the-web firmware updates and new features delivered quarterly


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