8X8 Virtual Office Pro Offers Much More Than Just Talk - CWPS

Posted by Nathan Muller on March 19, 2015

8x8 Virtual OfficeYour business needs a highly reliable phone system, but in a 24x7 world, you need other communication tools that improve customer service, lower phone bills and cut travel costs, while making it easier for employees to collaborate. All this can be achieved with a system that unifies communications in the cloud - 8x8 Virtual Office Pro.

8x8 Virtual Office Pro not only provides the advanced phone features of 8x8 Virtual Office, it takes your business to the next level by adding online meetings, call recording, and Internet Fax capabilities…

Online Meetings - Virtual Meeting web conferencing allows unlimited web conferences with video between geographically dispersed employees and customers.

Call Recording - Allows employees to focus on what's being said instead of taking notes. It's a great tool for training employees and documenting customer calls and includes audio storage to record calls and meetings.

Internet Faxing - Lets you send and receive faxes from any computer. Email notifications let you know the instant a fax is received so you can respond quickly.

Get started with the 8x8 Virtual Office, then add the Pro unified messaging applications you need to improve your business. Contact your CWPS Hosted Voice experts today: (877) 297-7472 or connect@cwps.com.


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