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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on June 19, 2017
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58779255_s.jpgIf you're already accustomed to Office 2016 (or any older, non-cloud version of Office), you may be wondering why you should bother moving to the cloud. After all, you already have all of your native applications on your systems -- why make your employees transition to a different solution? But, in fact, Office 365 on the cloud is substantially better for productivity, security, and scalability. Cloud-based infrastructures mean there's no physical components for you to manage and all of your systems are available through the Internet. Here are some of the principle advantages when dealing with Office 365 vs Office 2016.

Better Collaboration through a Cloud-Based Solution

Because employees can connect to the cloud from anywhere, they can also work from anywhere -- whether they're at home, in other offices, or at a client's site. But it isn't just that: The Internet-based functionality of the cloud makes it easier for employees to work together on documents, thereby improving their productivity and reducing the amount of work employees need to do on group projects. Office 365 is a fully-integrated system, through which employees can see what their colleagues are working on, make their own changes and adjustments, and avoid potentially disrupting another employee's work. Skype for Business and other associated applications further make it easier for employees to connect to each other and communicate.

It's Always Accessible Wherever You Are

Many organizations today use employees that are positioned throughout the globe. Companies can ensure that these employees are all working on the same infrastructure through Office 365. Regardless of where an employee is working, they can have an identical user experience. They will be able to access the same files as other employees at any time -- a cloud-based server will not go down and will be automatically monitored and maintained.

Office 365 Improves Data Security

Cloud-based infrastructures are extremely secure. They now have the resources that are necessary to protect a business -- especially a small business -- using enterprise-grade technologies. The hosted services of Office 365 have far better security measures than a business would otherwise be able to procure, and this ensures that a company's most important (and most confidential) data will always be protected. Not only is this data secured and encrypted, but it can also be easily restored in the event that data is lost or a data failure is experienced. Consolidating data is important: otherwise you could end up with Office 2016 files throughout your physical server infrastructure.

Apart from the above, Office 365 is available for a low subscription rate, is automatically updated, and can be easily migrated to. If you would like to get started using Office 365 in the Cloud, all you need is CWPS' Cloud Assist

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