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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on March 29, 2017
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64921064_s.jpgWhile today's workplaces may have the ultimate goal of modernization, very few of them are actively working towards it. Companies may also feel pressured by the idea of change or simply not know where to begin when it comes to modernization. But a modern workplace makes sense for today's organizations, especially SMBs -- and they don't need to do it on their own. An IT MSP can help modernize a workplace without significant investment or disruption.

Why Should SMBs Modernize their Workplace?

SMBs need to work with limited resources to grow, expand, and stabilize. Modernizing a workplace makes it easier to leverage existing resources for more substantial results; through technology, a smaller number of employees can have a far greater impact. Modernization makes it possible for SMBs to work with remote employees in addition to working while on the go and provides SMBs the ability to protect their business infrastructure in terms of security.

How Can IT MSPs Help?

Collaboration technology. Cloud collaboration systems such as Cisco Spark or Interactive Intelligence provide a consolidated environment through which employees can communicate, trade ideas, and work. For SMBs, a collaboration system enables them to leverage employees from anywhere in the world, in addition to being able to work from home. An IT MSP can help in integrating, managing, and upgrading this type of technology.

Cloud-based communication platforms. In the modern workplace, calls are routed using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions instead of traditional call centers. Cloud-based communication platform like 8x8 removes the need for costly hardware and makes it easy to manage and monitor calls. This also provides businesses with a wealth of data, helping them to make better business decisions when it comes to things like customer service and sales.

Mobile security. One way in which businesses have no choice but to modernize is through mobile support. Mobile devices are going to be used for business -- it's simply up to the company whether or not they are going to properly secure their system. MSPs can establish solid mobile security measures, to enable companies to leverage the power of mobile devices without opening themselves up to unnecessary risk.

Modernizing a workplace doesn't have to mean disrupting current operations or spending a substantial number of resources. With the help of a managed service provider, many SMBs can begin integrating modernized operations into their companies today. For more information about the benefits of both modernization and managed service support, download our free eBook today.

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