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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on June 16, 2016
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Sophisticated_cyber_attacks-1.jpgCyber criminals are approaching an unprecedented level of sophistication. With virtually limitless resources and few legal consequences, cyber criminals are now working together to initiated coordinated and persistent cyber attacks. Enterprises need to understand this growing threat if they want to prevent an attack. Here’s a look at three of the ways in which cyber threats have grown more sophisticated.

1. Cyber Criminals Operate More Like Businesses

In the past, cyber criminals were often lone wolves who had their own agendas. More recently, however, cyber crime has become more akin to a business, with cyber criminal firms and agencies developing across the globe. Cyber crime is now lucrative enough that criminal groups are able to operate just as legitimate organizations, devoting their considerable time and resources into finding the fastest, easiest, and most advanced methods of cracking security systems.

2. Cyber Criminals Have Better Tools

Just as advanced network security tools have been developed and released, so too have tools designed for cyber criminals. Cyber criminals today can pick up a wide inventory of innovative, well-developed underground tools, such as FakeLogin and GM Bot, that make it easy for those who don’t necessarily have a technical background to launch a cyber attack. Other tools, such as botnets, are also readily available and often come with instructions, just like any other off-the-shelf software. New tools for cyber attacks are constantly being introduced, as their creators strive to one-up each other and provide the best “product” for their customers.

3. Cyber Criminals Have More to Gain

Perhaps the largest driving force behind more sophisticated attacks is the increase in what cyber criminals have to gain. In the past, cyber criminals might abscond with small amounts of data, which could theoretically be used for identity theft. Today, with advanced data mining techniques and the sheer volume of information most organizations warehouse, any target could potentially have a wealth of sensitive and valuable information. 

Cyber crime has become an industry unto its own, so it's not surprising that the number of sophisticated cyber attacks continues to increase year by year. The modern enterprise must stay one step ahead of these advanced cyber crime firms if they are to remain protected. They need to start building a culture of security and updating their security protocols if they are to counter this advanced breed of cyber criminal.

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