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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on January 17, 2017
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Co-Managed Service ModelRather than investing in and maintaining their own technology, businesses can instead choose to deploy a co-managed service. A co-managed service still offers some element of control over a company's IT infrastructure, while engaging a third-party partner to handle the intricacies of day-to-day operations. Here are four of the biggest reasons to choose a co-managed solution.

1. Superior Technology

Co-managed services offer state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology -- technology that could not otherwise be afforded by many businesses. Even better, co-managed services regularly upgrade both their software and their hardware, making sure that the technology remains consistently competitive. Companies today need the best technology if they are to remain leaders within their industry, and they can't always invest the time and money into training their new employees or purchasing new business assets.

2. Improved Productivity

Every system needs support. Through a co-managed service, employees can access their support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This reduces the burden on the company's internal IT staff, freeing them up to pursue the company's own initiatives. Employees will be able to complete their work without having to worry about backing up their own files or completing their own troubleshooting. Businesses will also be able to function with a significantly smaller IT department.

3. Better Security and Compliance

Co-managed services invest significant time and money into maintaining both regulatory compliance and superior security solutions. Organizations in the financial, medical, or legal sectors will often be required to meet strict standards to keep their client's confidential information safe. Government organizations are additionally required to work with companies that meet their security requirements. The simplest and easiest way to achieve security and compliance standards is to work with a third party that has already met them.

4. Reduced Cost of Ownership

A co-managed service model comes at a low monthly subscription cost. Businesses that choose to invest in their own equipment will need to both purchase and maintain their technology. As their technology gets older, it will have to be upgraded and replaced. As their technology fails, it will require in-house IT staff to repair. These continued costs can contribute substantially to a company's overhead. Co-managed services can be scaled easily to meet a company's current needs while remaining cost-effective throughout.

These are only the top four advantages of a co-managed service model. Co-managed services operate as a partner and an ally in an ever-shifting technological landscape. Companies interested in streamlining their operations, reducing their overhead, and improving upon their technological offerings will find that a co-managed service can give them everything they need in a single neat package.

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