4 Reasons to Consider Cloud to Cloud Backup - CWPS

Posted by Shirien Elamawy on August 2, 2016
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18595593_s.jpgShould your business invest in cloud to cloud backup? Even cloud solutions are not entirely resistant to data loss and other issues. And though the cloud may keep redundant copies of a company's data, this data may not always be accessible. A cloud-to-cloud solution will ensure that data is always available and protected, regardless of what the future holds. 

1. You Can Avoid Business Disruption

A cloud service can still become unavailable. Even the best cloud hosting services may occasionally have limited resources or other issues with their infrastructure. By using a cloud backup service, you'll still be able to recover your data in the event that your cloud host cannot be used. Cloud backup solutions can even sync and virtualize your data so that you have an ability to 'fail over' to the service.

2. You Can Save Money

Every system needs to be backed up. Whether you're going to use the cloud or old tape drives, you have to have a separate copy of your data -- or you could lose it all forever. Compared to local backups, tape drives, and other conventional backup solutions, cloud backups are far less expensive and prone to fewer defects. A cloud backup solution is a low monthly cost that will always be a predictable amount. 

3. You Can Rollback Mistakes Easily

Cloud backups can be deployed with the click of a button -- which can become a critical feature if you experience issues on your side.

Employees make mistakes and some systems, such as third-party software, may be vulnerable to exploits. What happens if your entire system becomes corrupted? With a cloud-to-cloud backup service, you can easily re-deploy your data without the changes that made it impossible to use. 

4. You Can Reduce Your Administrative Costs

A cloud backup solution will essentially manage itself. Your employees won't need to do anything at all; the system will be protected without your intervention. This reduction in administrative and IT costs can be applied to elsewhere within the company's budget. But it isn't just about the expenditure of money -- it's also about the expenditure of time. IT personnel will be able to better focus on their own initiatives without having to worry about mundane tasks such as a data backup solution. 

Cloud to cloud backup solutions provide an additional line of defense against potential data loss or business disruption. Additionally, these solutions are both affordable and easy to deploy, giving companies all the benefits of traditional backup solutions at a fraction of the cost. Businesses that currently maintain a cloud infrastructure should strongly consider acquiring a cloud-to-cloud backup service to protect their data against accidents, malicious attacks, and other potentially disruptive issues.