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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on January 19, 2017
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45756076_s (1).jpgAI has finally become advanced enough that it can enter into common usage for many businesses, ranging from advertising and marketing solutions to complex business analysis and intelligence suites. In the coming years, artificial intelligence for business will undoubtedly grow more sophisticated -- and more vital. Organizations should start thinking now about how they will begin integrating AI into their operations. Here’s a few ways business can start utilizing AI today.

1. Making Faster, More Educated Decisions

Much of a company's profitability lies in its ability to make fast and strategic decisions. Through products such as Amazon Machine Learning, businesses can quickly analyze large volumes of data to give them a firmer foundation on which to build. Machine learning begins with big data: large data sets that many organizations are now collecting but not effectively using. Through machine learning, this big data can be compiled and analyzed in a predictive fashion, yielding results that a business can use to identify the right strategies for the future.

2. Achieving Better Security, Monitoring, and Authentication

Cyber security has become one of the chief concerns for many organizations. From small businesses to national corporations, businesses are being constantly targeted by sophisticated cyber criminals. Cylance Protect and other similar products offer advanced threat protection through the use of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. AI algorithms can detect suspicious activity throughout a network, thereby identifying high-risk situations even if the exploit itself is invisible to the system.

3. Boosting Sales and Lead Generation

Perhaps one of the most visible benefits of artificial intelligence has been in its ability to boost sales. Salesforce has been using big data to identify, engage, and secure leads for years. As big data has become more complex, so have the algorithms used to analyze it -- leading to Salesforce Einstein, an AI data scientist that can predict outcomes, recommend strategies, and automate tasks


4. Developing New and Proprietary Technologies

Machine learning APIs now exist that allow organizations to develop their own new and proprietary technologies. Google offers natural language APIs, cloud speech APIs, and translation APIs which can all be leveraged by large organizations to create artificially intelligent systems. Though this may seem like an incredible undertaking, it's this type of development that can keep a business from being disrupted or supplanted by newer competitors. 

Artificial intelligence for business is designed to find patterns, automate systems, and provide for better data analysis overall. Through artificial intelligence, many organizations will be able to streamline their security, improve upon their sales, and even empower themselves to make faster, more educated decisions. The power lies within the tools that are currently being developed to leverage both AI and machine learning technology -- tools which are likely to become even more common in the coming year.

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