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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on October 27, 2016
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CloudContactCenter1.jpgA cloud-based contact center is one of the best alternatives to maintaining a live or on-premise call center. Through a cloud-based contact center, organizations can connect with their current and prospective clients with very limited overhead, paying for the call center time as a service. In this post, we examine the five biggest advantages cloud contact center software has over traditional solutions.

1. Cloud Contact Centers Are Cost Effective

Rather than having to pay for space, employees, and equipment, companies can instead pay-as-they-go with a cloud contact center. This gives the organization a significant amount of flexibility, as it can decide to alter its services whenever it needs to.

2. Cloud Contact Center Solutions Can Quickly Scale

Because there's no investment in infrastructure, a cloud center solution can be scaled up to a company's needs quickly -- and without any tremendous cost to the business. Many companies fail when they are starting to expand because they need to invest in new equipment and labor. A contact center doesn't require this investment.

3. Cloud Contact Center Solutions Are Global

A cloud center solution can reach out to customers throughout the globe. This is critical for organizations that may have worldwide reach. Customer support can be available in any time zone and for any customer, thereby improving customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Cloud Contact Center Solutions Can Customize Themselves

Cloud contact center software can tailor itself to specific customers, by integrating itself into customer relationship management suites and directing employees as needed. This ensures a better experience for the customer; their prior history and needs will be remembered by the contact center. Interactive Intelligence, for example, can use machine learning and algorithms to make predictions.

5. Cloud Contact Centers Manage More Than Just Contacts

A cloud contact center can collect detailed information about customers -- ranging from demographic information to the size and frequency of their purchases. This information can then be used by a company to fine-tune their processes and their sales. Advanced cloud contact software can integrate directly with ERP and CRM solutions, creating a complete ecosystem through which the customer can be reliably taken care of.

Cloud contact centers -- and the software solutions used to manage them -- are excellent ways for a business to expand its reach without a significant investment in new technology or employees. For more information about the various benefits of cloud contact centers, contact CWPS today.

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