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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on February 17, 2017
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local MSP.jpgIf you're looking for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you might already be looking on a global scale. After all, with new remote technology, an MSP can be located anywhere. But that doesn't mean they can deliver the same quality of service from anywhere. There are many reasons why using a local MSP can be more suited to your company's situation.

1. A local MSP understands your market. There are differences in every market, in terms of the technology that's available (such as Internet speeds and access) and the capabilities of your competitors. A local MSP will understand the industry standards in your area, thereby making it easier to keep your business at the leading edge.

2. A local MSP operates in your time zone. Though an ideal MSP will provide service 24 hours a day, a local MSP will still be more active during the same time that your business is active -- and that can make a difference in responsiveness.

3. A local MSP can come to your offices if needed. While most things today can be done remotely, there are still some issues that could require an on-site presence. A local MSP can easily dispatch a technician out to help; a non-local MSP may need to contract with third-party services to provide the same level of care.

4. A local MSP is easier to connect with. Because a local MSP is local, you can connect with them in virtually any way you feel comfortable -- including walking into their offices and interfacing with them directly.

5. A local MSP often has a similar company culture. Company culture can vary distinctly depending on your location. Often, culture can vary from state to state, or even from city to city. If your provider is local, they are more likely to share a similar culture with your organization.

6. A local MSP can deal with emergency issues faster. Emergency issues are disruptive and can greatly reduce your company's profitability. A local MSP will simply be more responsive to these issues and may be able to deal with them in-house.

7. A local MSP offers peace of mind. Finally, the major reason many businesses go with an MSP is for peace of mind -- the sure knowledge that someone is there watching out for them. A local MSP may be only half an hour way, making it easier for them to be trusted and relied upon.

But none of that means that you have to use a local MSP -- there are just some reasons that it can be easier. A non-local MSP can still be the answer if that particular MSP is skilled, experienced, and has the technology and resources need to cut your costs and increase efficiency. Whether you're local or non-local, CWPS can help guide you through the next step.

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