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Posted by Myra Koshan on December 24, 2015
Myra Koshan

5018939048_80af984d2c_z.jpgCisco Executive Chairman John Chambers has offered up his experienced advice to CIOs - and all other individuals concerned with IT security. John Chambers spoke extensively regarding how businesses will need to adjust to a changing IT and security landscape. Here are a few pieces of advice he recently offered up:

"Digitization is going to change the world and every business."

Every company, John Chambers notes, is going to become a tech company. Companies of all industries depend on their IT infrastructure for their day-to-day operations. Even companies hesitant to adopt new technology will eventually be forced to do so to remain competitive. This can lead to complications in businesses that are not adequately prepared for the transition -- but it will also create opportunities for companies that are able to grow and branch out with their technical needs. 

"If you put in new technology and you don't change the process and the organization too, you won't get the outcome you want."

Technology is rapidly changing the way that businesses operate. From customer relationship management suites to data analysis and warehousing solutions, new technology has to be adopted at every level of an organization if it is to be truly effective. This means that key players need to be onboard with new technology and need to understand its value.

"Quit talking to your CEO about technology. Start talking to them about business outcomes."

CEOs are require to focus on business outcomes. No matter how innovative new technology may be, they need to be able to see the end result before they can fully commit. A managed service provider is an excellent way to keep a business focused on doing business while still achieving the best in technology

"You're judged by how you handle not only your successes but your setbacks."

A crisis of consumer faith doesn't need to occur every time there's a security breach. In fact, many companies have found that they can successfully turn a bad event into positive press by reacting swiftly, educating their clientele, and performing immediate damage control. This doesn't just apply to data breaches and security issues, but any technology related setback, such as an improperly handled upgrade or rollout.

Modern companies are growing and building in a technologically-driven world. Companies must find ways for technology to work for them, while not being inundated with the new options and responsibilities that are set before them. Managed service providers can aid companies in getting the best from technology without a significant time or money investment. They can also help organizations with little to no existing IT to adopt new technologies and stay competitive.

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