Amazon Web Services – Storage and Compute using CWPS Cloud Assist

Posted by Myra Koshan on April 23, 2014
Myra Koshan

amazon_web_servicesFor over a decade, Amazon has been building and operating a large-scale, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure designed to help the company grow to what has become one of the world’s biggest online retailers. Now, Amazon has made this infrastructure available to other companies through  Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform that includes storage, computing, and database products, as well as the tools to manage them. Amazon’s products include:

  • Amazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud: Establish virtual servers in the cloud. You can launch a variety of instance types, each with different compute power, processing speed, memory, local storage, and operating systems (Linux or Windows).
  • Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service & Glacier Backup: S3 stores objects up to 5TB, which can be accessed via an API. Provides eleven 9’s of availability. Glacier is a service designed for archiving and backup.
  • AWS Administration: Amazon Web Services offer a vast amount of tools to help you deploy and manage your AWS environments: monitor; set up users, groups and permissions; templates; programming and development; automation, and more.

All of these resources are available without any upfront costs, and you only pay for what you use, meaning your infrastructure can scale with you as your needs change.

There are several benefits to using Amazon Web Services for your cloud computing solution:

  • Low Ongoing Cost: Amazon’s massive economies of scale and efficiency improvements allow it to continually lower prices, and its multiple pricing models allow you to optimize costs for both variable and stable workloads. Additionally, a cloud computing solution helps drives down up-front and on-going IT labor costs and gives you access to a highly distributed, full-featured platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure.
  • No Upfront Investment: Replace upfront infrastructure investments associated with building on premises with low monthly costs by paying for the resources you consume on a variable basis.
  • Apps not Ops: Cloud computing lets you focus on projects that differentiate your business by shifting resources away from data center investments and operations and moving them to innovative new projects. Specifically, you can have your scarce IT and engineering resources focus on projects that grow your business instead of having them focus on IT infrastructure - which is important but hardly ever differentiates your business.
  • Flexible Capacity: Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity needs by provisioning the amount of resources you need when you need them. If you need more, you can easily scale up. If you don’t need them, just turn them off and stop paying.
  • Speed & Agility: Develop and deploy applications faster by provisioning resources as you need them. This self-service environment changes how quickly you can develop and deploy applications and allows your team to experiment more quickly and more frequently.
  • Global Reach: Take your apps global in minutes and easily deploy your application in any or all of the ten AWS regions around the world. This means you can provide a lower latency and better experience for your customers at minimal cost.

As your local Amazon technology partner, CWPS can help you assess your business requirements and then requisition pay-as-you-go Amazon services that continue to drive down the cost of IT.

We take care of it…

With CWPS and Amazon, you don’t have to buy and install new hardware, setup and configure new software or build or upgrade data centers. There are no up-front expenses or long-term commitments, you pay only for what you use.

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