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CWPS Renews Master Collaboration Specialization in USA

cisco-logo-transparentCWPS has met all criteria to renew Master Collaboration Specialization in the United States. By renewing the Master Collaboration Specialization, CWPS has proven that they continue to have the ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through their in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings.

4 Important Lessons from the Windows 7 End of Life

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end its extended support for Windows 7 — and the Windows 7 lifecycle will officially come to an end. Microsoft has already discontinued its mainstream support of the beloved operating system, ceasing active updates and new service packs. But the end of extended support means there will also be no further bug or security updates available: Any newly discovered vulnerabilities will stay vulnerable.

How to Set Up Microsoft Teams Live Events

Connecting to your team has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams — and the new Live Events feature provides a convenient portal through which your organization can host important seminars, meetings, and outreach events.

Cut Costs with the Cloud: How Cloud Computing Benefits a Business of Any Size

When polled, 88% of UK and US users said that their business saved money by turning to the cloud. It's understandable: A cloud deployment makes it possible for an organization to pay only for the virtual resources that it needs, without any of the physical infrastructure it would otherwise have to maintain. 

How the Managed Services Model Drives Customer Success

Your team is full of intelligent, creative thinkers; their energy is wasted on completing maintenance and putting out fires. A 2013 IT study found that 72% of IT budgets are spent just keeping the lights on. That's money, time, and energy that could be spent on new projects. 

What Makes One IT Service Desk Better Than Another?

Every organization needs reliable service-desk support, but how should your support be managed? Should your organization invest in an on-site solution, or should it outsource to an external, managed solution? There are benefits and drawbacks to both options, depending on your organization's needs. Let's discuss a few of the major differences. 

Why Your Organization Should Get an Expert IT Assessment


Has your organization lost its way? If you haven't conducted a recent IT audit, it may be difficult to tell. Over time, an organization's IT practices may drift or become problematic. Software updates can fall behind, and security protocols may be abandoned. When this happens, an IT fitness assessment can help put you back on track. 

Understanding the IT Service Provider Onboarding Process

What actually happens when you engage with a managed service provider (MSP)? An MSP's goal is to bring your current infrastructure up to date, resolve any current risk factors, and target inefficiencies your organization may be struggling with. Frequently, these issues may not be obvious internally; it may take an external service provider to uncover them. Once risk factors have been identified, the MSP will work to provide and implement solutions.

9 Ways to Keep Your Employee's Mobile Devices Secure

Organizations find themselves tasked with protecting an ever-increasing number of endpoint devices. Among cybersecurity professionals, mobile devices are considered to be the most difficult asset to protect. With an increasing number of employees using their mobile devices for work, it becomes necessary to proactively improve security. Mobile devices are vulnerable to a number of modern, technologically-advanced attacks, and the cyberattacks targeted towards mobile devices are growing every day.

DNS Protection - Why Is it So Important?

DNS protection provides an additional layer of protection between an employee and the internet by blacklisting dangerous sites and filtering out unwanted content. By using secure DNS servers both at home and at work, employees can avoid unnecessary risks and the potential for malicious attack. Here's everything you need to know about the benefits of secure DNS servers.