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How to Create Custom Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams


Whether you're going for whimsical or professional, custom backgrounds in MS Teams can be a huge boon to your working environment. If you spend any amount of time on video chat in Microsoft Teams, you may have already noticed that many of your coworkers have custom backgrounds. Custom backgrounds aren't just for fun; they can also be extremely useful. Here's what you need to know about creating the perfect custom background in MS Teams.

Remote Workforce Assistance: How Can an MSP Help You Transition?

Remote-Workforce-AssistanceYour team is now remote. And even if you had been planning on moving some of your employees to work-from-home in the future, you might not have expected it to happen so quickly. A remote transition takes time, but when you don't have the luxury of that time, you need options.

Here's how a managed services provider can help ease the transition for your business and your employees.

How to Use Microsoft Teams to Work from Home

How to Use Microsoft Teams to Work from HomeMicrosoft Teams is a great tool to use both in and out of the office. In the office, it gives you fast and ready access to your nearby coworkers. Outside of the office, it lets you seamlessly interact with those in the office, at home and elsewhere. Microsoft Teams is really a suite of solutions in one, including the ability to text chat, voice chat and conference, all with integration into the Office 365 system. But how do you start using Microsoft Teams to work from home?

Microsoft’s Work-From-Home Toolkit: Teams and More

Microsoft’s Work-From-Home Toolkit Teams and MoreEven before many businesses switched to remote work, Microsoft was steadily moving towards remote technologies. After all, industry is global, and today's companies need to be able to work with employees, customers, and vendors across the world. Office 365 is an incredibly effective, cloud-based solution that can keep your business running regardless of where its employees are. But it also requires some understanding: Microsoft's solutions need to be implemented the right way to get the most benefits.

Using Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing and More: Answering Your Teams FAQs

Using Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing and More Answering Your Teams FAQsWith more companies using MS Teams than ever, it's understandable that there are many questions regarding how MS Teams works. MS Teams may be easy to use, but it has a deceptive amount of functionality buried deep within. There are functions that many employees may not know even exist, and there are certain things that are still to come. Here's an overview of the most commonly asked questions about MS Teams, in our Microsoft Teams FAQ.

The Future of Remote Working (and How Your Business Should Adapt)

The Future of Remote Working (and How Your Business Should Adapt)With an extraordinary number of employees now working from home, many companies are being forced to quickly adapt to a remote-only infrastructure. For some companies, these changes are going to be fleeting — a stopgap measure to keep the doors open. For other companies, this may very well become the new normal.

Managed Services vs. SaaS: Why You Don't Need to Choose

Managed Services vs. SaaS: Why You Don't Need to ChooseManaged services vs. SaaS: It doesn't have to be a choice. Managed services can make SaaS deployments more effective — and many complex services require additional support. If you're thinking about deploying SaaS solutions, consider the benefits of working with a managed service provider. Here are some ways that MSPs and SaaS work together.

How Cloud Managed Services Can Power Up Your Azure Deployment

How Cloud Managed Services Can Power Up Your Azure DeploymentIf you're about to deploy Azure (or are currently managing and maintaining your own Azure deployment), consider the benefits of using cloud managed services. Cloud managed services can augment and improve upon any Azure deployment, from initial architecture to continued support. Here are a few of the most important ways in which cloud managed services can help with your Azure deployment.

Managed Services Best Practices: How to Work With an MSP

Managed Services Best Practices: How to Work With an MSPManaged IT providers will always do their best to work with their clients. But clients can also do a lot to ensure that their relationship with an MSP is a productive one. It's important for clients to take action to manage their MSP relationships from their end. Here are some best practices for effectively working with an MSP.

Azure for Small Business: How (and Why) an MSP Can Help

Azure for Small Business: How (and Why) an MSP Can HelpWhether you're a startup or an existing small business, Azure is an excellent platform. But as a complicated platform, you might need a little extra help making it work to its full potential. An MSP can help your organization develop out its Azure deployment, and put all the strength of Microsoft Azure behind your own unique vision. Here's how small businesses can benefit from Azure and how they can further benefit from SMB IT managed services.