Myra Koshan

Myra Koshan
Myra Koshan is a Marketing Manager at CWPS where she handles the day to day marketing tasks ranging from event management to content creation. Myra has over 14 years of marketing experience under her belt. Prior to joining CWPS, Myra has done marketing for other industries such as engineering, construction management, and manufacturing. She has helped many companies increase their brand awareness and revenues by developing and executing key marketing strategies.
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The Advantages to Using a Network Monitoring Service - CWPS

network_monitoring_service.jpgStudies have shown that small businesses are the most vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. Despite this, many owners of small-to-mid-sized businesses have declined to invest in new security options, such as network monitoring solutions.

Why You Should Consider an Email Security Service in 2016 - CWPS

email security serviceWith 1.7 billion current email exploits bouncing across the Internet, it's not surprising that email security remains at the forefront of cyber security and privacy concerns. Email exploits are constantly being directed to an organization's employees, and it only takes one recent exploit -- and a careless employee -- to compromise the organization's infrastructure. Email is the most used medium of communication today, and its ability to transfer external files into a protected network makes it incredibly dangerous. To combat this, many organizations are switching to an email security service rather than attempting to maintain security in-house.

Advice from John Chambers, CEO at Cisco, to CIOS and the World - CWPS

5018939048_80af984d2c_z.jpgCisco Executive Chairman John Chambers has offered up his experienced advice to CIOs - and all other individuals concerned with IT security. John Chambers spoke extensively regarding how businesses will need to adjust to a changing IT and security landscape. Here are a few pieces of advice he recently offered up:

The Domino Effect of Shared Systems and Data Breaches - CWPS

swiping-card.jpgWhy do large data breaches seem to hit multiple, unrelated targets all at once? The truth is that they usually aren't unrelated at all. Many organizations share some form of system, whether it be a software-as-a-service third-party point-of-sale solution or a cloud-based data warehousing and resource provisioning platform. In 2014, when costly data breaches affected both Staples and Michael's, it was discovered that they both shared some of the same control networks.

9 Cyber Security Tips for Holiday Shopping Online - CWPS

Cyber Security TipsBusinesses need to protect their customer's security if they are to maintain their customer base. The online season brings a multitude of holiday shoppers (and encourages your employees to shop online as well). As the holidays approach, you may want to consider these ways to protect your customer's identities and your own security and network

Why are SMBs Outsourcing IT to Managed Services Providers? - CWPS

Outsourced ITSmall-to-midsized business owners are increasingly outsourcing their IT needs to managed service
, rather than attempting to meet their technical requirements on their own. MSPs offer cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible services that can grow and change with a company.

Key Considerations for Investing in Collaboration Technology - CWPS

collaborative technologies, collaboration technologyWhen investing in collaboration, it's important to first consider the technology that will be used to bring the collaborative teams together. Here are three of the major considerations.

Malvertising: The Next Big Cyber Threat - CWPS

malvertisingCyber criminals are constantly changing their techniques to catch business owners, IT professionals, and individual users off-guard. Malvertising is the latest in big cyber threats, and those who want to keep their personal and business computers secure should educate themselves on how it works and how it can be avoided.

5 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality - CWPS

4940400747_e88c8fca13_z.jpgStar Wars: Episode VII comes out on December 18th, 2015, and diehard fans are finding all sorts of creative ways to channel their excitement. So why not with some tech, too? When the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, the clever concepts and creations were nothing more than science fiction. Today, many of them are out on the consumer market -- or being developed for specialty applications.

The Key Benefits to Using Local Backup for Your Hybrid Solution - CWPS

Local backups aren't obsolete - far from it. If you have a hybrid cloud solution, there are still some major advantages to keeping some or all of your data backed up on site. Local backups are often better secured, more accessible, and faster to deploy in the event of an emergency. Additionally, in a hybrid solution, there may also be resources that need to be limited to the internal network.