Myra Koshan

Myra Koshan
Myra Koshan is a Marketing Manager at CWPS where she handles the day to day marketing tasks ranging from event management to content creation. Myra has over 14 years of marketing experience under her belt. Prior to joining CWPS, Myra has done marketing for other industries such as engineering, construction management, and manufacturing. She has helped many companies increase their brand awareness and revenues by developing and executing key marketing strategies.
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"Winter is Coming" - Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place? - CWPS

disaster recovery planFrom clearing up the snow in your storefront to hiring seasonal staff members, winter presents a number of unique challenges to a business. Did you know that data protection is one of them? Having a data protection and data recovery plan in place is absolutely essential for businesses facing the chilly winter months.

Rogue IT: What Is It And How To Get Around It? - CWPS

Cisco MerakiRogue IT is one of the dominant issues affecting IT administration today -- and it's constantly increasing in severity. Modern employees are computer savvy but not security savvy, and they tend to manage their IT issues with a "whatever works" attitude. This can be crippling to a company's IT infrastructure and security if it is left unchecked.

Why You Need to Consider Your IT Budget and Spending Analysis Now - CWPS

IMG_1056It's time to take a look at your IT budgeting for the next year. Worldwide IT spending has seen an increase every year since 2005, with a total of $3.507 billion projected to be spent in the United States alone throughout 2015. Gartner anticipates a 2.4% growth in IT spending through 2015, and IT budgets should be expected to compensate for the projected growth of the coming year. With the end of the year soon upon us, it is important that businesses take a look at their own IT budgets now and begin planning for 2016. In this post, we will take a look at some of the important things that your business needs to consider when developing an IT budget.

Why Your Business Should Consider Cylance's Next Generation Anti-Virus - CWPS

Antivirus and malware solutions have always had to play "keep up" with viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious code - until now. CWPS has partnered with Cylance to offer CylancePROTECT, a next-generation antivirus platform that leverages machine learning and algorithmic science to better secure IT infrastructures from new and incoming threats. CylancePROTECT is an innovative, revolutionary solution that learns through pattern recognition, identifying and dealing with never-before-encountered system vulnerabilities.

OneLogin: The Key Benefits of Identity-As-A-Service - CWPS

Authentication is a major security concern for every IT professional. From compliance challenges to granular security controls, access to sensitive and confidential data must be monitored and maintained throughout the enterprise, often requiring the consolidation of multiple third-party components. OneLogin's identity as a service solution reduces many of the traditional security challenges that come up with authentication, freeing up IT resources and improving regulatory compliance. Identity-as-a-Service provides an all-in-one third-party cloud based solution.

The 4 Types of Malware That Threaten Your Business - CWPS

Security intrusions can be costly. IBM found that the average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million, with each record stolen averaging a cost of $154 to the business. Modern companies must protect themselves from malware and security threats -- and to do that, they need to understand which threats are most common.

How Can Small Businesses Save on IT andCollaboration Costs? - CWPS

Small businesses mean lean budgets, and the IT expenses of a company can sometimes become neglected in favor of more pressing needs, such as rent and utilities. But small businesses need a solid IT infrastructure if they are to grow and succeed. There are many IT solutions that provide for improved productivity and collaboration without vastly increasing costs. Here are three of the biggest:

Web Filtering & User ActivityLogging with OpenDNS - CWPS

Through Cisco’s OpenDNS Umbrella web filtering feature a company can maintain its control over its Internet activity. Every year thousands of businesses encounter malicious software, data breaches or even legal issues due to the actions of their employees through their Internet service. Even with acceptable use and compliance policies in place, a company often finds it difficult to manage its employee's access. Umbrella offers a comprehensive web filtering solution in addition to its other threat protection services.

TheKey Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance - CWPS

While you may know that the cloud can be used to improve software security, did you also know that it can be used to improve surveillance systems as well? Cloud Video Surveillance comes with extensive benefits ranging from ease-of-use to cost. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

5Things Your Business Can Do to Avoid Becoming the Next Data Breach Victim - CWPS

As of 2014, the average cost of an organizational data breach was $5.9 million. The estimated cost of a general data breach was $201 for each individual record compromised. If you cringe at the thought of your business being responsible for nearly $6 million in liability, you may want to take some proactive steps towards avoiding a cyber-intrusion, such as: