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Posted by Gary Utley on July 12, 2018

Small Business Trends lays out the stats for us: around 3.9 million employees spend at least half the week working remotely. While this has been a terrific benefit for employees, there are drawbacks for IT managers. Instead of managing LANs and WANs, we’ve expanded our networks to include multi-device, multi-location, dispersed teams.

How to balance the needs of employees that work remotely and give them tools that can help them collaborate and communicate against the imperative for IT teams to prevent data breach on all these remote devices?

Actually, Microsoft has it all covered. Read on to find out more.

Managing Remote Employees with Great Tools 

Having the right tools for any job helps employees to be more productive. When it comes to bringing remote teams together, there are a few different types of solutions to consider:

  • Collaboration Platforms
    There are all kinds of tools on the market today designed to help dispersed teams collaborate, such as Microsoft Teams, a hub for chatting, meetings, and notes that integrates with third-party vendors like Trello and Slack. Microsoft’s SharePoint is another great tool that serves as a shared workspace for teams where they can come together and work on files in real-time.

  • Cloud-Based Storage Solutions
    Tools such as, GDrive, and OneDrive create a centralized repository for sharing files.

  • Video Chat
    Skype for Business allows remote teams to have “face to face” meetings without actually being face to face. When an email isn’t enough, there’s Skype, which lets people pick up on nuances that you can’t understand from email communication.

  • Cloud-Based Productivity Tools
    Office 365 and Gsuite are two of the best cloud-based productivity tools on the market today. Office 365 includes many of the most familiar office tools you use every day, like Excel, Word, and Outlook. Google came up with their suite of products to mirror Microsoft with Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.

Secure Collaboration With MS Intune

Today, all of these tools can be accessed in the cloud on any digital device. But that’s where the problem comes in. With all these dispersed teams using personal devices to access corporate data, it creates big security risks. For those who are already invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem, there in MS Intune.

While all of the tools mentioned earlier are helpful, they all require different login credentials. On top of that, working remotely comes with its own security challenges. In order to keep teams secure, IT administrators need a way to manage and secure all of these apps while making it easy for team members to switch between tools seamlessly. Microsoft Intune allows users to collaborate seamlessly use their Microsoft apps while creating an extra layer of security that keeps both personal and company data safe. 

CWPS would like to show you all of these tools and discuss how they can be safely managed so that employees are more productive and your network stays safe. Contact us to find out more.

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