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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on October 11, 2016
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collaboration_technology_trends.jpgTeamwork is the key to any successful enterprise. The easier your employees find it to complete their collaborative projects, the more smoothly your company will run. Collaborative technology is likewise incredibly important -- and there have been great strides made in just the last few years.

Here are just a few of the ways in which the modern meeting room has changed.

Employees now maintain multiple points of contact. In particular, email, instant messaging, and texting are all being used throughout the office -- often in lieu of phone calls. This wide variety of options makes it easier for employees to get the responses they need when they need them.


Seamless connectivity is the ultimate goal of many collaborative platforms. Employees are now able to see each other working on documents, view changes in real-time, and revert back to their original copies as needed. This makes collaboration far more intuitive and easy to manage, even amongst larger teams.

Cloud-based, unified communications platforms are becoming more popular -- and more powerful. All-in-one systems such as PureCloud Communicate and PureCloud Collaborate are making it easier for employees to manage all of their communications through a single portal. This includes not only communications with other employees, but with clients as well.

Web conference rooms are now being developed to encompass entire meeting spaces. Rather than having web meetings on-the-go, many businesses are creating a single "web room" that is rigged up for web and video conferencing. This makes the process of connecting much easier.

Real-time communication is becoming much easier. Employees will soon  be able to see and talk to their colleagues as easily as sending an instant message, as bandwidth has improved and video calling features have become easier to manage.

The "web meeting" has gotten a lot bigger. Cisco Spark's WebEx Meeting Center is able to host meetings of nearly two hundred individuals, with advanced features such as video recording and multiple VoIP options. This allows for better, more direct collaboration among larger groups.

Many companies are now moving towards a "virtual office." With as many global workers as there are now, virtual office spaces have become the most affordable method of doing business. Companies such as 8X8 provide virtual offices and virtual contact centers, to connect workers from anywhere in the world.

All of these trends are often successfully managed by all-in-one, consolidated platforms; after all, collaboration is best managed through a central location.

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