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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on September 27, 2016
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57722305_s.jpgAccording to the Ponemon Institute, 76% of businesses have experienced some sort of data breach in the past two years. It's understandable, then, that many businesses have gone out of their way to build up their cyber security staff.

As the number of threats has increased, cyber security professionals have steadily become more in demand. This has created a significant shortage of talent, with a full third of businesses unable to fill their job openings. If you count your business among those unable to find qualified talent, then here are a few tips to help you fill the position.

Provide Better, More Flexible Benefits

Many companies today cannot compete on the merits of salary alone. Cyber security professionals frequently command the highest salaries within the IT industry. But even if you can't compete on salary, you may be able to compete on benefits. Modern workers prize their time; flex-time, vacation pay, maternal and paternal leave, and other related benefits will often make them feel more valued than raw numbers.

Be Open to Training New Hires

Everyone wants an employee who has at least three to five years of experience. But those employees are difficult to come by. You may be able to shorten the length of your search by hiring directly out of college. Though your new hires will require some training, they will also be much cheaper -- and they will have some amount of loyalty to your company. This also lets you train your new hires in the technologies that you need, rather than trying to find a hire who is already experienced.

In addition to hiring employees fresh out of college, you can consider hiring employees who have experience but no college background -- often, they can be just as knowledgeable at a lower price.

Create New and Innovative Challenges


Many of those in the IT industry aren't just looking for pay -- they're looking for something that they can truly enjoy. If you have unique IT challenges or are a leader within your space, you are far more likely to be able to attract the top talent. This is true even if you aren't able to pay the top dollar. By fostering a creative environment, you'll also be able to avoid "burn out" and keep your IT employees longer, thereby avoiding the continual re-hiring process that is prevalent within the IT sector.

Even with the above tips, it's very likely that it will take a long time to find a cyber security expert in the current climate. Moreover, it will be expensive; cyber security experts require premium salaries even with unique and flexible benefits. For many companies, a managed service provider specialized in cyber security may be the better option. MSPs are more affordable, more versatile, and -- importantly -- more available.Guide to Keeping company's data safe

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