Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2020

Posted by Gary Utley on March 31, 2020

Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2020The world of cybersecurity is changing dramatically. As we move further into 2020, it's easy to wonder what new trends we will face in cybersecurity. From 2010 to 2019, many of the threats that we uncovered had to do with cloud platforms and the Internet of Things. As the world becomes more connected, it also becomes more dangerous. So, what are some of the cybersecurity trends and threats that we can see happening?

The Top Cybersecurity Trends 2020

Everything is now moving to the cloud. Even the infrastructure of our devices such as phones and tablets is moving to the cloud: Devices are now more likely to stream data than they are to store data. Luckily, cloud infrastructure is becoming more secure, and today, many cloud infrastructures are more secure than on-premise solutions because of the resources and data they have.

Still, as everything changes, the world of cyber security changes. Here are some notable trends:

  • Companies are moving towards hybrid solutions rather than abandoning on-premise entirely. However, their need for on-premise solutions is narrowing considerably. On-premise solutions are now used primarily for highly secured data.
  • Security is becoming much smarter. Data science and machine learning is being used to create increasingly robust systems, and systems that are able to learn and adapt. Rather than having to look for known threats, systems are instead able to identify something that looks like a threat.
  • Employees are becoming more savvy. Employers have invested a lot into educating employees, and most employees are at least aware of the basics and fundamentals of cyber security.
  • Managed service providers are becoming more popular. Most companies don't want to micromanage their own security, which is a virtual necessity today. By using managed services providers, they get the benefits of an internal IT department without the downsides.

These trends perfectly encapsulate a more digital, as-a-service world. Threats are becoming more commonplace, but the methods of dealing with these threats are likewise becoming more intricate and advanced. But because most businesses aren't able to keep up with these threats, many are instead outsourcing.

Those are the trends. But what threats are companies actually likely to see moving into 2020? There are quite a few of them. Cybersecurity threats are growing, but they're largely growing in predictable ways. They're growing in the ways that work. There are many new avenues for threat, such as the Internet of Things, are still being used to spread ransomware.

It is also common to see threats that are related to phishing and social engineering. Phishing attempts are still very common because they're low effort. A single cyber attacker can send out hundreds of thousands of probes for information, and they only need one returned. More savvy employees can counter phishing attempts, but some of them are extremely advanced and convincing.

The security landscape is changing quickly. Businesses need to change with it. The coming decade is going to bring more: more threats, more attackers, more technology. Most businesses aren't going to be able to keep up with the sheer proliferation of threats without a partner.

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