Enterprise Cloud Solutions: Ways You Can Streamline Your Business

Posted by Gary Utley on June 25, 2019

In 2018, enterprises estimated that they would invest $3.5 million in cloud computing that year. That's a significant investment, but it yields extraordinary returns. Enterprise cloud solutions can significantly streamline and optimize a business, saving the company money over time. Here are a few ways that you can streamline your business through enterprise cloud solutions.

Collaborate with the Same Tools

Through cloud services, your entire team can collaborate through a single, consolidated solution. Whether your team is in Austin or Abu Dhabi, they'll still be operating on the same platform. Collaborating with the same tools means enhanced communication and productivity, with everyone able to work seamlessly together, even when they're on the go. No one needs to work through multiple platforms to find their data, or request information multiple times.

Automate Manual Tasks

Through cloud services, you can automate tasks that previously had to be done manually, such as updates and backups. Not only does this save time, it also improves security. Managed cloud services can also provide additional features, such as 24/7 monitoring, to enhance security and free up internal IT departments to focus on other things. Automated task management is now found throughout many software suites, and can be placed into the system on a per-application basis.

Avoid Issues with Rewrites and Lost Work

From ransomware to accidents, there are quite a few things that could threaten your organization's data. With enterprise cloud solutions, your data will be automatically synced. You won't need to worry about data being overwritten or lost forever; instead, you'll be able to redeploy your data, applications, and systems with the push of a button. Complete data protection systems will be able to manage your company's data for you.

Ransomware is one of the most common threats to a business today, but it's rendered entirely powerless by keeping regular backups. In recent years, ransomware has cost individual companies millions in lost files and lost productivity.

Standardize Platforms and Integration

Standardization is a major saver of time and money for an enterprise. Through cloud solutions, the entirety of a business’ infrastructure can be standardized, which also helps with third-party integration. A standardized system is less cumbersome to maintain, while also being more consistent and productive.  

Scale Solutions Based on Business Needs

Cloud services are easy to scale up or down depending on need. This is usually touted as a benefit for SMBs, but it's also excellent for an enterprise, as the work an enterprise does is on a much larger scale. An enterprise will not need to invest in hundreds of new servers to meet temporary need; instead, it can temporarily requisition additional resources.

Being able to scale easily makes a company far more agile as well as more likely to weather changes in the economic landscape. 

Reduce the Need to Manage Hardware Infrastructure

Hardware infrastructure takes an extraordinary amount of resources to manage. To appropriately manage hardware infrastructure, on-site IT departments must regularly troubleshoot, upgrade, and maintain their hardware. Hardware is in a constant state of evolution, and must frequently be updated. To do this, IT departments need to research new hardware solutions, and the company must invest in them. 

Increase the Speed of Troubleshooting

Cloud solutions make it possible for troubleshooting to happen from anywhere. Managed cloud services can offer an in-house IT help desk solution or a remote one, which can connect to user machines from anywhere and easily address any issues. A managed IT solution can offer troubleshooting services 24/7, making it possible for an enterprise to run around the clock. 

Further, rather than each branch of a business having to interact with its own internal IT team, they can instead consult with a centralized IT solution. This will ensure that issues are addressed on an enterprise-wide level, rather than department by department. 

Improve Your Security Services

Cloud solutions have become highly secure. Not only can managed cloud services be secured by an external, 24/7 managed services provider, but they can also use state-of-the-art cloud-based security solutions.

Cloud-based security solutions are able to pull upon the resources of the cloud, providing advanced, AI-driven security technology. These security solutions can tie into mobile device management and hybrid systems, helping to secure the entirety of the organization's infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

While managed cloud solutions may involve some upfront expenses, due to the change in system architecture, they can also drastically improve your operational efficiency. To learn more about how your enterprise — or enterprise-to-be — can benefit from cloud solutions, contact CWPS today. You can speak with one of our expert consultants regarding your company's needs

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