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Posted by Gary Utley on December 7, 2017

1._cloud_to_cloud_backup.jpgThere’s a new competitor in the file sharing and collaborative office hub space. That’s because Box, a relative newcomer to the web-based content management company marketplace, has added some features to allow the software to make a play to compete against industry leader Microsoft. This has led to some discussion recently about which is better: Box or SharePoint?

Let’s compare features to determine which application might work better for your business.

What’s Box and What Does it Accomplish? 

In October 2017, Box announced that they ware adding new features to their file sharing application. Silicon-Valley start-up Box was created as a competitor to Google Drive and DropBox, but with the addition of new file collaboration features, it seems Box is making a play to finally start competing with Microsoft SharePoint.

Like SharePoint, Box integrates well with Office 365, Adobe Sign, Salesforce, and many more applications. Some users say that Box is easy to use, but that’s probably because Box has fewer features. Because it’s not a web server, you cannot host websites or online calendars on Box. The latest features include the ability to keep comments on a document in one place, better versioning control, and shortcuts to access files that you frequently work in. Box Notes lets you coordinate ideas in real-time, creating an online brainstorming portal to collaborate with dispersed teams.

As an entry into the online content management marketplace, Box is a very good start.

SharePoint's Advantages

When comparing Box vs. SharePoint features, SharePoint beats out Box as a full-service company communications hub. That’s because SharePoint offers the full Intranet experience with a company directory, discussion boards, event listings, calendars, and even individualized pages. Box will need another upgrade to catch up to Microsoft in this area.

SharePoint also offers users a chance to leverage the application as a project management resource; teams can set up project sites where tools and resources can be stored, due dates can be calendared, and real-time chat and edits can ensure.

Some of the resources offered by SharePoint that Box doesn’t match include:

  • Digital asset management
  • Case management
  • Contract management
  • Records management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Web/Intranet hosting

The other difference between Box vs. SharePoint is that SharePoint has been around for 15 years. That longevity in a competitive marketplace is just one of the reasons why SharePoint is a better choice for organizations seeking the best tools. With more than 250,000 organizations using SharePoint, the application is still going strong, no matter how many competitors are encroaching on the market. 

Understanding the Options -- Box vs. SharePoint

The SharePoint advantage over Box is clear; co-authoring documents from a centralized, branded project hub will ensure more efficient workflows for your teams. You can use OneDrive apps to link to your SharePoint online Intranet libraries and files. According to industry information, SharePoint is being used by about 80% of the Fortune 100 today. That’s in part because SharePoint can be customized to fit businesses of all sizes and in all industries. US Cloud points out that comparing Box vs. SharePoint is like apples to oranges -- because Box simply isn’t in the same league.

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