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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on July 6, 2017
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MSP Cloud Trends.jpgThe cloud industry has matured. The sheer number of new cloud-based solutions that have popped up over the past few years has left many scrambling to figure out how they can best utilize these solutions. Creating an IT cloud strategy can be difficult, however, when the landscape keeps changing. To fully leverage what the cloud has to offer, organizations need to stay on top of the latest cloud trends and understand how these new technologies and work with their current infrastructure. A managed service provider can help. Here’s how.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Increase in Popularity

Hybrid cloud use is up to 77%. Most organizations are now using a hybrid cloud solution, which means that they are using both private clouds and public clouds. But altogether public clouds solutions are increasing and private cloud solutions are decreasing. Organizations are going to have to learn about how to appropriately transition towards secured public cloud services, which is something a managed service provider can aid with. 

Companies Embrace Multiple Cloud Applications

In addition to using both private and public clouds, companies are using more applications than ever before, with the average organization using up to 13 applications. As on-premise applications are replaced by cloud applications, it becomes necessary for companies to integrate all of these different solutions. A managed solutions provider can program integrated solutions so that an organization has a cleaner and easier workflow. Redundancies can be removed, and services can be automated as needed. 

Moving Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud

Enterprise applications have traditionally been located either on on-premise solutions or in the private cloud, largely due to concerns about security. However, this has changed considerably as more organizations come to the realization that the cloud can actually be the more secure solution. As a result, services such as AWS and Azure have grown 17% year over year. Moving an enterprise application to the cloud lets an organization cut its overhead while enjoying superior technology. An MSP can help migrating an organization to the cloud in a that limits the potential for data breaches and related issues

Optimizing IT Cloud Strategies and Reducing Expenses

The cloud is expected to impact approximately one trillion in spending. As companies have become used to their cloud services, it has become imperative to start optimizing and refining services and reducing expenses. Now that companies are familiar with the benefits of a cloud solution, they are looking for ways to further improve on the costs related to them. Managed service providers are able to assess the status of an organization's cloud infrastructure and make suggestions for improved efficiency. Managed service providers are also able to offer an all in one service for a low subscription cost. 

Companies have now accepted that cloud technology is a technical requirement. Trends in the cloud industry are now tilted towards refining and improving upon operations, especially those that include multiple application infrastructures and the public cloud.

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