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Posted by Gary Utley on May 8, 2018

Have you heard about Intune conditional access? Intune is a cloud-offering from Microsoft that allows for secure mobile management. Intune is Microsoft’s solution for IT managers who feel a desperate need to secure mobile devices and apps and their access to email and other corporate data.

Their concern is legitimate; today’s networks have extended beyond a LAN or WAN to include personal smartphones, laptops, or other digital devices, accessing your corporate data from every Starbucks on the planet. These same devices are probably downloading apps for personal use. Microsoft has responded with Intune conditional access as a way to manage these devices in the Azure cloud

A subscription service, Intune is a great addition to the conditional access features already found in the Azure Active Directory. Together, these features give companies the security they need to manage email, data, network access, mobile devices, and more.

This article will help you understand how Intune Conditional Access will create a more secure infrastructure for your organization.

What is Microsoft Intune Conditional Access?

Microsoft Intune provides mobile application, device, and PC management. It’s an Azure cloud service designed to control who accesses corporate data and devices.

The software uses conditional access to allow validated users on their authenticated devices to reach your corporate data. Intune can be programmed to challenge users to authenticate their devices, as well as encourage them to enroll their devices under the security software. The benefit for the company is that it eliminates unrestricted devices and people from accessing the network. These features, ironically, can also be monitored or regulated via your (approved) smartphone.

With the Azure Active Directory, you can also manage conditional access through one system portal. From that hub, you can restrict what applications are downloaded and accessed from any device in your network. You set the rules, and the software helps the entire company follow them.

Intune conditional access in Azure allows the administrator to see every approved device on your network as well as devices attempting to enter, but failing. Also, robust reporting mechanisms allow you to spot trends over time.

Intune conditional access can reinforce corporate compliance policies by:

  • Restricting access to your network by blocking any device that isn’t managed by Intune or that is not IT compliant.
  • Enforcing password rules and multifactor authentication frameworks.
  • Creating and regulating security and compliance rules.
  • Restricting access to SharePoint or other tools that may be accessed remotely.
  • Enforcing application access and completely removing corporate data from the application level – the level that is currently most vulnerable to malware.
  • Encrypting data at rest.
  • Pin-locking devices to protect unauthorized users from accessing company data or email.

These are just some of the ways Intune conditional access can help keep your organization’s data safe. We believe it’s the perfect solutions for some of the biggest challenges that IT network managers are facing today.

Is Microsoft Intune Conditional Access Right for Your Company?

Intune can be purchased separately or as part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. Contact CWPS to find out more about Intune conditional access. We’ve found it has helped eliminate our client’s biggest fears tied to BYOD policies that create a security risk for an organization.

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