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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on March 15, 2017
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InternetofThings-1.jpgThe Internet of Things can be at once an attractive and terrifying prospect, especially for SMBs. Though the Internet of Things can represent a significant competitive advantage, it also carries with it a non-trivial security risk. As the Dyn DDoS attack in October of 2016 showed us, IoT devices can open businesses up to a variety of cyber attacks.  But that doesn't mean an SMB is going to be able to avoid the IoT altogether.

The Growing Importance of the Internet of Things

When we say the Internet of Things, what we're really describing is a network of Internet-capable devices. Your company's printers, for instance, may connect to the Internet so that it can report on its current resources. It may even be able to initiate an order for new ink or new paper. Internet of Things devices are designed to streamline and improve business operations -- and are designed to leverage often limited resources. It's this ability to improve efficiency and automate mundane tasks that makes this technology valuable for SMBs. Through the IoT, SMBs can better manage their operations with the resources that they already have available.

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Improving IoT Security and Integration With an IT MSP

The problem with the Internet of Things is that it is difficult to secure. Every new IoT device that's connected to a network becomes another potential vulnerability within the system. But that doesn't have to be the case. Managed solutions providers can successfully improve the security of a network so that the Internet of Things is not a significant risk. MSPs can improve IoT security and integration through the following:

  1. Analyzing an SMBs current infrastructure to determine exactly how the IoT should be implemented and integrated.
  2. Creating an IT roadmap to streamline and smooth over any potential implementation and integration issues.
  3. Securing and encrypting data so that IoT vulnerabilities are less likely to compromise critical business assets.

Creating a multi-layered security system that can protect business assets from being accessed.


Ultimately, SMBs have so much to gain from the IoT that they can’t ignore this technology -- but they also need help implementing and securing their IoT infrastructure. An MSP is the ideal candidate to integrate the Internet of Things into an existing small business and ensure that no security vulnerabilities have been created. And that's not the only benefit of an IT MSP.

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