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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on February 24, 2017
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technology for business.jpgIn the past few years, there has been an overwhelming influx of new technology for business -- in particular those that can be leveraged by small to mid-sized businesses. Adapting to these new technologies can be extremely difficult for business owners who are already trying to stay afloat and manage their own business processes. Managed service providers can help. MSPs are able to zero in on only the best technologies and are able to integrate these technologies into existing infrastructures with ease.

Adopting the Latest Technology for Business

Cloud Backup and Recovery Tools

What would your business do without its data? Would you even be able to operate? Small business owners now need to be aware that their business likely relies upon its data for day-to-day operations. Cloud backup and recovery tools are the solution to an ongoing problem: if your data becomes lost or disrupted, a cloud backup will let you quickly re-deploy it without significant business disruption. An MSP will be able to isolate the areas of your data that are most important and integrate it directly into these cloud backup and recovery tools.

AI-Powered Cybersecurity Tools

SMBs are increasingly the target for cyber criminals throughout the globe. Cyber criminals know that small businesses generally don't have the technology necessary to fight off an attack, and thus they can become prime grounds for information and data theft. But there are advanced security suites such as Cylance that are able to provide best-in-class security at SMB prices. These new, advanced cyber security tools use advanced AI algorithms to detect intrusion attempts before they become a problem.

Content Delivery Networks


Data can't be used if it can't be accessed. Content delivery networks operate as a vital third-party service that accelerates the transmission of data from the server to the end user. A good CDN will ensure that a server remains up and undisrupted even during peak traffic times, and can even ward off some major security issues such as distributed denial of service attacks.

Cloud Contact Systems

cloud-icon.pngContact systems and customer relationship management systems are all designed to do one thing: improve your revenue. These systems aid not only in lead generation but also in customer retention, making it easier for employees to connect with and communicate with both prospective and existing clientele. Cloud-based systems now have an edge upon traditional on-premise systems as they can be accessed from anywhere, integrate with multiple offices, and can leverage virtually limitless resources.

Though new technologies may be coming out continuously, not all of these technologies are made equal. This is where an MSP can really help. An MSP can guide your business towards the technologies that are right for you -- and can help you install, implement, and integrate these technologies without substantial business disruption. For more information about working with an MSP, contact CWPS today. 

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