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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on October 6, 2016
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internet_of_Things_internet_of_everything.jpgThe Internet of Things does not have to be feared. Though it does currently represent a substantial security threat, the benefits that it will soon convey far outweigh the negatives. Like the cloud, the IoT will eventually become more secure as it sees further adoption, and will ultimately be able to help companies in some major ways.

If your business is thinking about embracing the Internet of Things, here is how to get the most out of this new technology.

Collect, Monitor, and Optimize

The Internet of Things gives you a better understanding of your core business operations. Something as simple as a printer being able to communicate with your network when it's out of paper and ink is something that the "Internet of Things" does -- it's just that the IoT is now becoming slightly more complex. The IoT can provide a wide array of these types of efficiency improvements, making your office operate smoothly.

It can be difficult to monitor assets throughout an organization, especially larger organizations. However, by using IoT devices, your business will have access to better analytic information through the use of sensors and other analytic profiles. You can use the Internet of Things to ensure that your inventory is properly tracked, repaired, and/or maintained, thereby saving your business a significant amount of money and time. This is being used throughout many industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

Use the IoT to Improve Staff Productivity

There's a reason why the Internet of Things is becoming so popular. It makes life less hectic for people -- including your employees and business partners. The IoT makes it easier for your team to complete their tasks because they have access to the corporate network and tools from anywhere they are. This is very similar to the benefits of the cloud.  

Create Better Customer Experiences

Customer experiences and satisfaction are incredibly important for any business. The Internet of Things provides new and better customer experiences by also allowing customers to connect to the company through other devices. Some organizations are even able to integrate IoT devices -- such as sensors -- to provide better direct service to their customers, such as by alerting to any issues the customers are having and responding quickly.

There are still some things that need to be worked out before most businesses are able to successfully embrace the new Internet of Everything. In particular, security issues do need to be locked down by a capable and competent provider. At CWPS, we can help you get the most of the Internet of Things without potentially exposing your business and its IT infrastructure to risk.

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