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Posted by Shirien Elamawy on August 10, 2017
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pexels-photo-541522.jpegWith 90% of leaders within the IT industry now transitioning their backup and recovery services to the cloud, it's time for many businesses to follow suit. Though cloud solutions are redundant, backups are still incredibly important -- and a cloud-to-cloud backup solution eliminates an organization's reliance upon a single cloud-service provider. Here are a few reasons why a cloud-to-cloud backup solution is likely the best option for your organization.

The Benefits of a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution

Rapid deployment of your data. Through a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, data can be re-deployed after being damaged within a matter of minutes. Many cloud backup solutions feature one-click restoration so that your organization will be back in business nearly immediately. Downtime costs a business an average of $5,000 to $8,000 a minute, depending on size.

Off-server storage of data. What happens if your cloud service simply shuts down overnight? A business should never be too reliant on any single service. Having cloud backups available means that the business can continue its work elsewhere even if their cloud solutions disappear.

Cheaper costs. Storing data on a cloud server is far less expensive than having to maintain and store this data in on-premise equipment. Businesses can then funnel these costs into other areas where the business requires an investment. 

Protection against threats. Threats such as ransomware have become very popular -- it is the #1 security-related concern for many businesses, and nearly half of all businesses have been attacked by it. Having accessible backups is one of the few and most effective ways that ransomware can be mitigated. 

Automated services. Cloud backups will take backups automatically and can encrypt them through the use of the advanced system resources available. Otherwise, an organization will be responsible for backing up their data, which could potentially be saved with glitches or errors. 

For small businesses, cloud-to-cloud backup solutions are the most versatile and cost-effective options available. A small business can easily automate their backup system, taking advantage of a cloud solution's ability to encrypt and store redundant copies of their data. Though a cloud solution will theoretically be able to back itself up redundantly, there can still be issues that arise that require an organization to have additional backup copies -- such as ransomware or other cyber-attacks. In these situations, a cloud-to-cloud backup solution is necessary for peace of mind.


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