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Posted by Gary Utley on October 16, 2018

How would you rate your organization's IT Fitness? Ideally, your IT teams should be proactive about keeping your organization operating, optimized, and efficient. Unfortunately, that isn't always at the top of the priorities list. Companies need to pay attention to their IT Fitness to make sure their IT team is being leveraged to the fullest extent.

What is “IT Fitness”?

In simple terms, IT Fitness relates to how well an organization is following its own IT practices. This relates to an organization's IT controls: whether the organization's IT processes are still being followed. Over time, a company's IT team can slowly drift into different areas, being prioritized and re-prioritized repeatedly, and never being able to accomplish its original goals. When an IT team's resources are regularly reallocated, the IT team cannot be as efficient or focused as it should be.

Why is IT Fitness Important?

IT Fitness, like human fitness, is a measure of how strong and resilient your organization's IT truly is. It is a type of preventative care. If your company is IT fit, it is less likely to have issues later on -- in the same way that a person who eats well and exercises is less likely to get sick.

Fit IT takes care of every aspect of your organization's technology use. Moreover, Fit IT can respond quickly and effectively to challenges -- much like a healthy immune system can respond quickly to illness. 

In health, it is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Business works similarly: a dollar of prevention is worth thousands of dollars of cure, especially when it comes to technological issues.

Why Partner with an IT Consulting Firm?

It's hard for many people to be objective about their own fitness. Likewise, it’s hard for companies to be objective about their IT fitness. Not only is it difficult to see when things are going wrong slowly, but many companies also don't have a basis for comparison. You may not know that your IT team isn't fit because you aren't comparing them to fit IT teams. And though your IT team may have been fit once, the years (and distractions) may have since taken their toll.

An IT consulting firm can provide an unbiased, complete opinion, leveraging their experience with other clients to evaluate your organization's IT fitness. From there, IT consulting companies can provide suggestions for addressing any fitness issues.

Your internal IT staff is likely already busy dealing with internal issues and putting out fires; they may not have the time or the resources to address issues such as these. An IT team that is not fit is also often not in the position to address its own problems; instead, the help has to come from outside. In this way, an IT consulting firm can operate much like a fitness coach, getting the organization back into shape and ensuring that it's ready for whatever is to come.

Do you think that your business is IT fit? If you're concerned, the time to take action is now. Contact CWPS today to find out more about improving your company's IT Fitness today.

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