Why IT Services for Nonprofits Could Make Sense for Your Organization

Posted by Gary Utley on August 20, 2019

As a nonprofit organization, you need to make your resources count, and that includes your IT strategy. Most people don't think about the nonprofit sector as being one that needs professional IT services, but it's quite common. Nonprofit organizations are typically run by those who have devoted time and energy to their cause, and so may not be up-to-date on all the latest developments in the world of tech.

Here are a few reasons why nonprofit organizations can benefit from upgraded technology and IT services for nonprofits.

Leverage Technology for Better Results with Lean Budgets

IT services for nonprofits offer the benefits of an IT staff without having to hire full-time, in-house IT staff. Nonprofit organizations don't need to invest in hiring new employees or offering them benefits. Instead, they get the services of expert specialists on demand.

While a nonprofit organization may not need a full-time IT department, they may occasionally need urgent IT help. Without an employee or managed IT service at hand, they may need to pay emergency rates for work to remain up and running.

IT for nonprofits is growing in demand, with more nonprofits using technology-based solutions. Everything from point-of-sale systems to donor information is now held within cloud-based systems, which must be managed, secured, and backed up. 

Protect and Secure Sensitive, Private Information 

Nonprofits need to care more about the data they collect. Frequently, nonprofits may work with employees who aren't technologically savvy, or an ever-changing circle of volunteers. Data is vulnerable and needs to be protected.

Many nonprofit organizations don't have the time dedicated to improving their security solutions, but they still need to be mindful of their security. IT services for nonprofits can improve security measures without taking away time from the organization's mission.

Nonprofit organizations, like small businesses, frequently find themselves the target of criminal cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are aware that nonprofit organizations tend to be poorly defended, and know that nonprofit organizations often collect personally identifiable information, credit card information, and bank information from their donors.

Reduce Stress and Frustration in Employees and Volunteers

Nonprofits are often in stressful situations. Not worrying about IT is a dramatic load off everyone's shoulders. Nonprofit organizations aren't just always in a constant cycle of fundraising, but they're often working with limited grants, or trying to procure additional grants. Many employees and volunteers at nonprofits are under deadlines, and many volunteers are volunteering on top of full-time work.

Better IT means happier, more effective employees and volunteers. If the system works faster, they're able to get their work done faster. Lost data, corrupted files, and slow networks will all lead to frustration, which can ultimately lead to the nonprofit losing its leading talent, and consequently failing to get its projects done on time. 

Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Mission

As with a for-profit business, IT services can make nonprofits more effective and efficient at fulfilling their missions. New IT initiatives can be used to improve the nonprofit's organization. IT for nonprofits begins by analyzing the current status of the system, improving upon what is there and sealing up any risks. Managed IT services for nonprofits will be able to dig down into core inefficiencies and pain points, making the nonprofit's processes more effective.

An easy way for a nonprofit to improve its operations is to move to the cloud, if it hasn't already done so. Moving to the cloud means that its systems will be accessible from anywhere, and employees and volunteers in different areas of the world will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other. Moving operations to the cloud also limits the physical infrastructure the nonprofit must maintain. But transitioning to the cloud can be complex; IT services for nonprofits can help. 

Increase the Power of Your Human Capital

Frequently, nonprofits may be understaffed. Apart from a few core employees, many other employees and volunteers may rotate. With the right technology, a single employee can do the work of multiple employees. The nonprofit as a whole will be able to leverage the power of its existing human capital, rather than being forced to hire more employees. 

If there are any business processes that take longer than they should, a managed IT services provider can review them and find new solutions. New technology is emerging all the time, but many nonprofits simply don't have the time to research these new solutions and invest in adopting them. Managed IT services perform all this work for the nonprofit, so that it can reap the benefits. 

Nonprofit organizations have a lot to gain through technology. Technology can improve and optimize a nonprofit, making it easier for the nonprofit to stretch its existing budget, while also offering advanced new tools for the nonprofit to use.

At CWPS, we want to help your nonprofit excel. Contact us today for a free consultation into how we can transform your organization’s IT.

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