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Posted by Gary Utley on November 1, 2018

Mobile devices are currently one of the major attack vectors for any organization, giving rise to the need for comprehensive cybersecurity and MDM solutions. Mobile Device Management Solutions like Microsoft’s Office 365 EM+S can secure user endpoints like smartphones and tablets, protecting an organization from compromise. Though there are many solutions available, Microsoft Office 365 EM+S goes beyond a traditional MDM, taking a much more granular approach to managing company data on mobile devices. 

Why Microsoft Office 365 EM+S Unique?

Microsoft Office 365 EM+S features tight integration with the rest of the Office 365 ecosystem. It is designed to function with Office 365, supporting its security without reducing its functionality. Here is how Microsoft Office 365 EM+S goes beyond a traditional MDM:

Separate Business From Personal Data

EM+S isn’t just an MDM solution – it is a mobile application management (MAM) solution. In other words, it works at the application level; it doesn't need to manage an employee's entire device. Other solutions are not able to provide this granular level of control.

When employees use their personal devices to access corporate data, it's often possible that the device could be compromised and both personal and company data may be stolen. By protecting data at an application level, the security of the employee's device becomes unimportant.

A Single Sign-On Solution

Further, Microsoft Office 365 EM+S is a single sign-on solution, which saves time and headaches. Fewer passwords means fewer password resets. Better mobile device management means employees can work remotely, from the devices that they prefer -- improving their productivity. Users can access WiFi, apps, and email from their personal devices, and they can self-service their own application access. 

Dark Web Scanning

Organizations can ensure that their data hasn't been compromised through the use of dark web scanning, which identifies compromised materials from an organization's data pool. A significant amount of information stolen from companies eventually ends up on the dark web. Personally identifiable information and financial information is often bought and sold for the purposes of fraud and cyber-crime. 

Reduced Costs through Office 365 EM+S

Microsoft Office 365 EM+S provides secure, remote desktop services, which can ultimately reduce costs for an organization by boosting the productivity of remote and at-home employees. Virtualization provides for the exact same user experience regardless of where employees are, making it easier for employees to work.

As a comprehensive MDM and MAM solution, Microsoft Office 365 EM+S also reduces the chances of cybersecurity attack, which in and of itself can be an extremely costly experience. Cybersecurity attacks cost organizations trillions of dollars each year, and each individual attack can cost millions of dollars.

In addition to BYOD policies, MDM solutions are important. If you're concerned about your organization's MDM solution, Office 365 EM+S provides a robust platform that is well-integrated with the entirety of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. For more information about Microsoft Office 365 EM+S, contact the experts at CWPS.

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