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Posted by Gary Utley on December 4, 2018

Mobile is under attack -- and companies must react quickly to secure their data. Mobile devices are increasingly being used as a replacement to laptop computers, tablets, and even occasionally desktop workstations. However, they also aren't always as well secured as other options. This has led to a proliferation of mobile-targeted attack, with the number of mobile malware quickly rising.

For Mobile, It’s a Jungle Out There

According to the current mobile threat report, 61% of Android applications and 36% of iOS applications could leak data to remote servers. Over 16% of applications do not ensure that the servers they connect to are certified, and over 30% of applications have OWASP security issues. 

The Biggest Security Threats

77% of mobile attacks occur on the application level, which is what makes it important to secure applications in addition to devices. There is an incredible number of security threats currently targeting mobile users.

  • Malware. Zero-day malware attacks are particularly dangerous, as they are attacks that have just come out and that anti-malware programs aren't able to detect. However, even older malware remains in circulation and can potentially attack an exposed system.

  • Man in the Middle Attacks. This type of attack can intercept communications that aren't secure -- such as communications through unsecured WiFi -- sniffing out information while still transmitting it. Man in the Middle attacks may go completely undetected, which can be a serious security breach. 

  • Social Engineering. A social engineering attack doesn't rely on technology at all, but instead on social manipulation. A social engineer may ask an individual to give them their login information, claiming to be technical support or claiming to be from another entity, such as a bank.

  • Out of Date Apps. When apps fall out of date, they often don't have the security features they need to protect themselves. Users may not be keeping their apps up to date, and consequently may fall prey to malicious programs without realizing it. 

  • Data Leakage. Data leakage constitutes a large number of security breaches when using unsecured servers or unsecured internet connections. Data leakage can occur if data is being held natively on the device rather than through an application. 

  • Human Error. Human error is perhaps the greatest threat when it comes to security breaches. Many users aren't familiar with security needs and consequently may make mistakes when securing their devices. Users may accidentally leave their phones unlocked in a public area or may copy their data to another location without securing it.

With all of these potential threats available, it can be difficult to determine which threat to tackle first. That underscores the need for a comprehensive security solution.

How to Keep Mobile Data Safe

Keeping mobile data safe is a full-time job for an organization -- but tools can help. Microsoft EM+S is a mobile application management solution that can secure and protect your data from the latest threats. 

Is it time to upgrade your mobile security solutions? You can get started with Microsoft's MAM solution, EM+S today. Contact CWPS to get started

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