Why the Microsoft Teams Calendar is Perfect for HR

Posted by Gary Utley on January 29, 2019

The Office 365 Microsoft Teams Calendar comes with a number of features that are perfect for a human resources department. HR managers can use the features of Microsoft Teams to improve their scheduling, communicate more effectively, and manage and maintain progressively larger offices. Here are a few ways in which your HR team can be enriched through Microsoft Teams.

Say Hello to Seamless Scheduling

The Microsoft Teams Calendar is completely integrated into the Office 365 Microsoft Teams platform. Appointments and projects can be seamlessly added to a group calendar, keeping an entire team on target. As appointments are added, those who are involved will be automatically notified. Updates can be sent to all parties on-the-fly, and notes can be added regarding pertinent information.

An HR department needs to be able to connect with all of the employees of a business, separating them into different teams as well as communicating with them one-on-one. The Microsoft Teams calendar provides a simplified, consolidated dashboard that the HR department can easily consult -- from anywhere. HR departments can manage not only their existing personnel, but also schedule hiring appointments, exit interviews, and other necessary employee interactions.

Specific benefits of the Microsoft Calendar include:

  • Easily schedule your meetings. HR departments need to schedule a large volume of meetings. By using the Microsoft Teams calendar, you can quickly see not only your own calendar but also the shared calendars of other departments. You can schedule meetings around the schedules of others, move meetings easily without having to consult directly with others, and make sure that everyone is constantly on the same page.

  • Add notes as needed to the calendar. Office 365 Microsoft Teams makes it possible to add notes as you need to the calendar, including things that employees may need to bring to meetings or information about what meetings are going to be about. The ability to easily add notes throughout the Microsoft Teams ecosystem greatly improves upon communication. 

  • Conduct 1-on-1 interviews with employees. Microsoft Calendar can be used to both schedule 1-on-1 interviews and also initiate them within the Microsoft Teams platform. Due to the integration with Microsoft Teams, Calendar makes it easy to connect with employees directly when the interviews need to be held, and HR representatives can easily see when employees are online and available. All of this makes for an easier to manage and more productive system.

  • Schedule events seamlessly on the Office 365 platform. The MS Calendar doesn't just let you schedule appointments with individual employees -- it also makes it possible to schedule larger events that include entire teams and departments. These events can be managed directly within the calendar, will automatically update all of the people involved, and can be placed on multiple shared calendars at once. 

  • Connect with employees remotely. Businesses are increasingly using remote labor, allowing employees to work from home, and connecting multiple offices through a single HR department. The Microsoft Teams calendar lets you connect with employees wherever they are, adding appointments to their calendar easily and communicating them within a single, unified platform. 

Altogether, Microsoft Teams Calendars makes managing appointments and scheduling a breeze. On a single calendar, an HR manager can view everything that they need to do, rescheduling at will, and alerting employees to any potential changes. Whether an HR manager is conducting hiring appointments or just managing existing employees, Microsoft Teams can improve productivity and reduce frustration.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams only grows the larger an HR department is, the larger the business is, and the more offices the HR department needs to interact with. As many businesses are continuing to transition to remote workers and maintaining multiple offices, it becomes even more critical that HR departments be able to manage their operations in an accessible, scalable way.

Robust Office 365 Features That HR Will Love

It isn't just the Microsoft Teams calendar that provides benefits for the human resources department. Microsoft Teams itself is a complete solution that has quite a few features that HR will love. 

  • Team chat makes it easy to connect with employees quickly. Microsoft Teams provides a comprehensive chat platform, which offers multiple ways to communicate with both in-office and remote employees. 
  • Video interviews can be conducted directly through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams provides fast, high-quality video calling solutions, making it easy to conduct interviews such as employee reviews without having to call employees into the office.
  • Team member efforts can be tracked in a single, consolidated system. For the purposes of employee reviews, employee notes and projects can be tracked through the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, so the HR team can check on progress.

Altogether, the Microsoft Teams Calendar creates a powerful solution for any HR department. Get started with Microsoft Teams. Contact CWPS to get started.

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