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Posted by Gary Utley on October 11, 2018

An Office 365 partner shouldn't be considered just a software reseller. As partners, they should work to help companies get the most out of their Office 365 platform. The right Office 365 partner provides a number of advantages for an organization, ranging from helping with migration to improving upon security. Here are just a few of the most important benefits of finding the right partner.

Migrations Are Seamless

Benefiting the most from Office 365 begins with the appropriate handling of Office 365 migration. An O365 partner can reduce the time spent on migration, avoiding potential difficulties and ultimately reducing the costs of the transition. Office 365 partners can make suggestions regarding the best migration strategies, create a migration plan, and troubleshoot issues that arise during the process. 

O365 Optimized For Your Business

Office 365 is an incredibly broad and robust platform. To fully take advantage of O365 requires knowledge and experience. A good Office 365 partner will help an organization fine-tune its installation to better drive business initiatives. Through a partner, an organization can isolate the features that will be best-suited to their own business processes and ensure that each is being used in a way that is intuitive for employees.

Training That Gets You Up to Speed

Training matters. Though MS Office 365 business solutions are fairly well known by many employees, employees still need training to take full advantage of the platform. An Office 365 partner can provide one-time or on-going training for an organization, to make sure that it's constantly getting the most out of its software solution.

Poorly trained employees are inefficient and can make critical mistakes that can adversely impact the business. Through a partner, an organization can ensure that its employees are properly using even the more advanced features of a business.

As Office 365 frequently acquires upgrades and changes, training may be an on-going process. A good Office 35 partner will be able to support your organization continually; one that is just a "reseller" may leave your organization to adjust to these changes on your own.

Security For Peace of Mind

MS Office is one of the biggest targets of cybercrime. Though Microsoft has invested a great deal of time and effort into making it a secure platform, it's still one of the most commonly used platforms in existence. This means that it's the target of some of the most substantial exploits.

Companies today have to be particularly vigilant against the threat of cybercrime, as a single attack incident could cost an organization millions. An Office 365 partner can help train employees in cybersecurity best practices, while also making sure that the system itself is properly secured. 

A cyber threat can happen at any time, and small and medium-sized businesses are among the most frequently targeted. If your organization doesn't have a capable Office 365 partner, there could be gaps in your system's security that you aren't aware of.

Rather than just reselling services, the right Office 365 partner will provide support throughout the full experience of migration, optimization, and management. Your organization will be able to tap into the experience and knowledge of its Office 365 partner, thereby avoiding many of the common mistakes that organizations make when transitioning to new technology

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