How Microsoft Office 365 Teams Can Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Posted by Gary Utley on February 5, 2019

Recruiting processes are changing. Not only is the scope of modern recruitment expanding, but hiring managers are being forced the process larger volumes of information than ever before. Microsoft Teams Office 365 comes with a number of features that can be used to streamline and improve the recruiting process, ultimately reducing the amount of time recruitment takes while providing for more consistent communication.

Here are some of the major benefits of Office 365 Teams for your hiring offices.

Modern Recruiting is Not Easy

It now takes an average of 42 days to fill a position. Modern recruiting comes with a number of challenges. Not only are there more applicants to every single position, but there are also more positions competing for an individual's time. Many recruiters are finding it difficult to source, interview, and onboard talent, simply because of the increasing number of applications they need to process. Additionally, it has become even more important to properly qualify applicants, as companies now often have unique and complex sets of requirements.

Despite these challenges, a company needs to invest in its recruiting to procure the best talent. Talent can now be procured from anywhere in the world, and companies need to be able to source the best of the best in an efficient and expedient manner. All of this means that a company needs to be able to streamline its processes. 

Streamline Sourcing With O365 Teams

O365 teams provides a number of tools that can be used to streamline the sourcing process. In addition to improving upon communication, O365 Teams provides a consolidated communication platform through which HR and hiring managers can share and discuss hiring needs. 

As the needs of companies evolve, the importance of consistent and continuous communication grows. Microsoft Office 365 Teams provides:

  • A continuous communication platform. Through channels and teams, hiring managers can work together to vet applicants and fill positions. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to reference previous communications, work on documents together, and easily initiate one-on-one conversations via chat, video, or voice. 

  • Easy document sharing and collaboration. As a completely integrated solution, Microsoft Teams also works for documents, spreadsheets, and other Microsoft files. Hiring managers can share things like resumes and job specifications easily while adding notes as needed. 

  • Interviewing and connectivity options. If interviewing has to be completed remotely, the Office 365 Teams platform can be used for both video and voice interviews. Multiple hiring managers can be included in these interviews for a better overall feel of each candidate. 

  • Shared and integrated calendar functions. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to set appointments, share appointments, and quickly review individual and shared calendars. Changes to appointments can be made easily and appointments can be reviewed quickly through a single dashboard. 

Altogether, Microsoft Teams is able to improve upon a number of HR processes, making it easier for hiring managers to communicate with the HR department and making it easier for the entire department to remain on the same page.

Managing Applicants in Microsoft Teams

Shared calendars make it easier for hiring managers to find the time they need to meet with applicants. As many hiring managers need to work together in a team, shared calendars mean that they will be able to easily schedule appointments without having to continuously consult with each other. At a glance, hiring managers will be able to see what appointments the others have scheduled and be able to review their own schedules.

In addition to the shared calendar, Microsoft Teams makes it easier for internal HR teams to communicate regarding hiring needs and current applicants. Applicants that aren't able to meet hiring managers in person can be interviewed by Microsoft Teams video chat. Further, meetings can be held with all of the hiring managers and principals involved. 

Using Microsoft Teams Office 365 for Onboarding

When onboarding, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share important documents, discuss and negotiate positions via video chat, and collaborate regarding the onboarding process. Onboarding can be one of the lengthiest components of hiring, as a significant amount of paperwork needs to be completed before an employee can be brought into the company. 

Documents can be shared through Microsoft Teams directly and collaborated on by multiple parties at once. HR departments can discuss how onboarding will be completed with specific applicants, form a repository of onboarding materials and documents, and communicate directly with new hires via video chat. As many companies are now hiring remote employees, being able to connect with employees remotely can vastly improve the onboarding process.

While procuring talent may be difficult, it's essential to creating a stable and scalable business. Microsoft Teams can make the process of onboarding faster and simpler -- in addition to improving the overall productivity of your organization. Get started with Microsoft Teams today -- contact CWPS. 

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