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Posted by Myra Koshan on October 15, 2015
Myra Koshan

Authentication is a major security concern for every IT professional. From compliance challenges to granular security controls, access to sensitive and confidential data must be monitored and maintained throughout the enterprise, often requiring the consolidation of multiple third-party components. OneLogin's identity as a service solution reduces many of the traditional security challenges that come up with authentication, freeing up IT resources and improving regulatory compliance. Identity-as-a-Service provides an all-in-one third-party cloud based solution.

Better Compliance

OneLogin creates a centralized audit trail for all user management information and activities, thereby making it easier than ever to track access and modifications. Through OneLogin, employees can access a myriad of policy compliant applications while still utilizing the OneLogin authentication policy and the IT team can monitor and manage this activity through a consolidated dashboard. Both standard reports and custom reports can be generated to further review potential compliance issues, such as weak passwords or unnecessary privileges, which might otherwise go unnoticed and represent a substantial security vulnerability. Finally, OneLogin is able to simplify compliance reporting by creating easy access to one-click auditing reports.

Improved Security

Through OneLogin, IT professionals can execute a single identity policy throughout their entire IT infrastructure. Authentication policies can be quickly deployed and altered as needed. All changes will immediately propagate throughout the consolidated system rather than having to be updated on a module-by-module basis. This consolidated identity policy is enforced through the third-party authentication system with advanced technologies such as Multi-Factor Authentication. OneLogin is a cross-platform solution, creating a cohesive mobile device management policy while supporting web and mobile devices.

Reduced Costs

Authentication doesn't just represent a security challenge -- it also represents significant cost to the company. OneLogin entirely replaces the need for an on-board identity infrastructure, thereby reducing the costs for a business by entirely outsourcing authentication services. Organizations utilizing OneLogin will not need to invest in authentication technology, nor the costs associated with managing and maintaining authentication infrastructure. Directory costs, directory integration costs, and other authentication-related services are all unnecessary under the OneLogin Identity-as-a-Service solution. This also includes the cost of IT services related to compliance auditing and the IT costs connected to integrating applications. OneLogin has thousands of pre-integrated apps that can be deployed with ease.

OneLogin vastly simplifies and streamlines the authentication process throughout enterprises of any size and industry, thereby reducing costs, improving security, and contributing to overall IT efficiency. 

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