How to Use Yammer and Microsoft Teams

How to Use Yammer and Microsoft TeamsYammer is a social networking service. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative system. These two very different utilities can work well in tandem together, but you need to work to integrate them. By using Yammer with MS Teams, you can create complete communication protocols for your business, and you can work towards improving the collaboration within your business.

Microsoft Teams Channels Best Practices: Keeping Your Teams Simple

Microsoft Teams Channels Best PracticesHas your MS Teams platform been flooded with unnecessary channels? As with most things in business, it's important to keep your Teams simple. Channels are the lifeblood of the MS Teams platform. If you overuse your channels, everything will become too complicated, and your organization will become self-defeating. By making everything simple and intuitive, you'll be able to better track your information.

How to Use Microsoft Planner Effectively

How to Use Microsoft Planner EffectivelyManage your tasks in Teams with Microsoft Planner — a fully integrated, robust Microsoft solution. Microsoft Planner isn't your typical project management platform. It's designed to help employees collaborate together. Employees are able to track and organize their tasks, create new plans with each other, and see what they're working on at a glance.

Microsoft Teams Training: Improving Your Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams TrainingIt's time to improve upon your Microsoft Teams collaboration. Microsoft Teams has a number of features that can be used to improve upon your meetings and your collaboration. But sometimes you might need additional Microsoft Teams training to fully take advantage of the features that are available.

Microsoft Teams Connectors You (and Your Team) Should Be Using

Microsoft Teams ConnectorsConnectors, linked apps, third-party applications — whatever you want to call them, they're integrations that are critical to your MS Teams success. O365 connectors make it possible to integrate valuable technology with your Office 365 ecosystem, including products such as Trello, Salesforce, and SurveyMonkey. Here's what you need to know about the Microsoft Teams connectors that can benefit you.

Fight IT “Urban Sprawl” Using Office 365 Governance Best Practices

Fight IT “Urban Sprawl” Using Office 365 Governance Best PracticesAre your employees managing their own IT? Though Office 365 is a useful, versatile tool with a lot to offer, it can also be confusing to use when employees aren't properly trained, or when they need to manage more niche, unique systems. Without proper governance protocols in mind, intranet systems can quickly sprawl out of control as users all manage their own work in the way that seems best to them, creating a branching network of files and folders that is impossible to manage or curate – and not only is that inefficient, it can eventually become a security risk.

Ensuring Office 365 Security: What You Can (and Should) Do

Office 365 Security83% of organizations now use Microsoft Office, and Office 365 is seeing increased adoption with every passing month. But that doesn't come without risks. When Office 365 isn't properly secured, data can be compromised. Large volumes of confidential and personally identifiable information are now stored in Office 365, which isn't always equipped to secure it; you can reduce your risk and improve your security through Office 365 best practices.

Moving to a New Office: Office 365 Migration Tools and Best Practices

Office 365 Migration ToolsAre you having nightmares about your upcoming Office 365 migration? Depending on your system, a migration can be extraordinarily complex. Even if you have detailed plans in place, you may be afraid that the worst could happen. But while you may be a little vulnerable during this time, Office 365 has a pretty robust feature set. Here are some tips for migrating without losing sleep.

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Most Out of Your Teams

Microsoft Teams Tips and TricksMicrosoft Teams is a fully featured platform that's growing all the time. Between its native features, third-party solutions, and complete Office 365 integration, there's a lot to work with. Consequently, it's no wonder that not everyone is leveraging MS Teams to its fullest extent. Here are some Microsoft Teams tips and tricks to make Microsoft Teams more useful and usable for your office.

The CWPS Office 365 Guide to Improving How You Collaborate

Office 365 GuideCollaboration. It's everything today; it's how productive your office is and how satisfied your employees feel. Today's collaborative tools need to be able to assist collaboration without getting in the way. But that also means that many collaboration tools are becoming increasingly more complex. How can you leverage them effectively without spending too much time in micro-management?