8 Reasons Your Business Needs PAM: Privileged Access Management

PAM Privileged Access ManagementWhat is privileged access management? How does it help an organization?

PAM – privileged access management – is a security strategy through which certain rights are passed only to administrators, not employees. Privileged accounts are created for administrators for the purposes of installing software solutions, altering network settings, and controlling access for other employees.

7 Identity and Access Management Mistakes Hackers Want You to Make

Identity and Access Management MistakesLike most criminals, hackers look for opportunities and weak targets. A hacker doesn't usually have a specific target in mind. Instead, they want to look for companies that have weak identity and access management: Companies that are vulnerable to their attack.

Cloud Identity and Access Management vs. On-Premise: Which Is Best?

Cloud Identity and Access ManagementProtecting your organization begins with protecting access. Today, organizations have two clear choices: cloud-based identity and access management systems, or on-premise solutions. For years, companies have been using on-premise solutions such as on-premise Active Directory — but that's now changing as the need for cloud support grows.

How an MSP and the Principle of Least Privilege Make Your Business Safer

Principle of Least PrivilegeIs your organization trying to shore up its security? If so, you may want to learn about the "Principle of Least Privilege." 

As an organization grows, it adds employees. It develops a more complex infrastructure. It encounters new security challenges. The Principle of Least Privilege is one of the most critical security concepts today — and it's one that should be thoroughly understood and integrated into a company's best practices.

9 Azure Features You're (Probably) Not Using to their Full Potential

azure features, azure data tool, azure managed service programAre you using the full power of Azure? There are so many Azure features available that it can be difficult to keep up with. Many aren't using Azure to its fullest extent, or don't know about features that could make their life much easier.

Why Your Business Should Move to Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

azure cloud solutions, what is azure cloud, azure managed cloud servicesIf your business isn't already considering Microsoft's Azure cloud solutions, it should be. Azure's cloud solutions are extremely robust, offering a reduced cost of infrastructure, scalable platform, and secure data centers. If your organization uses Microsoft technology — from operating systems to Office 365 — a switch to Microsoft Azure can help.

10 Azure Best Practices Your Organization Should Implement This Year

azure best practices, azure benefits, Azure expert MSP ProgramScalable and robust, Microsoft Azure has a lot to offer any organization. But because Azure is so complex and in-depth, there are a lot of things that are easy to miss. If your organization isn't digging deep into improving its Microsoft Azure use, there may be some best practices that aren't being followed. Here's a list of some of the most popular Microsoft Azure best practices, and an explanation of what makes them so important.

How Azure Managed Services Can Deliver a Near Zero-Downtime Azure Migration Strategy

azure managed services, azure migration strategy What's holding back your Azure deployment? For most companies, it's clear that Azure makes sense — but it's understandable that a business would also hesitate before getting into a complex, time-consuming migration. A managed service provider can make the process of transitioning to and managing your Azure deployment easier and more reliable. 

Why You Shouldn't Panic about Azure Migration

azure migration, how to migrate to azure, azure expert MSPDon't panic! Azure migration may sound complicated — and honestly, it is — but it's also often necessary. If you want your business to be competitive, you need to use the newest technology. But everyone's heard about migration disasters: lost data, downtime, and frustrated employees. When faced with a huge migration like Azure, why shouldn't you panic?

8 Tips for Effective Azure Architecture

azure architecture, azure data management, azure managed services When you're planning out your Azure deployment, one of your first considerations will be the architecture you're using. The more thought you put into your architecture today, the more scalable it will be tomorrow. But Azure architecture can be a little confusing, and there are a lot of moving parts.