The Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams and Planner Together - CWPS

While Microsoft Teams is a complete collaboration solution, it can still be augmented with the use of project management and task management technologies. Microsoft Planner is a task management tool that is easy to directly integrate with the rest of Microsoft Teams, adding value and effectiveness for employees. 

How To Create A Shared Calendar In Microsoft Teams - CWPS

Microsoft Teams comes with a number of features intended to improve collaboration among team members. One of the most useful features is the shared Microsoft Team calendar, which makes it possible for team members to strategize and meet project deadlines effectively. In this post, you will learn how to create a shared calendar in Microsoft Teams.

Improving BYOD Security With Office 365 EM+S - CWPS

Growing cyber threats and rapidly multiplying endpoints is a combination that keeps IT up at night.   From stolen phones to phishing attempts, employees can be vulnerable to a number of threats when they use their own private devices. Organizations need comprehensive BYOD policies to protect themselves against potentially being compromised by employee devices.

Keeping Work and Personal Data Separate Using Microsoft EM+S - CWPS

Employees use their personal devices for nearly everything -- including their work. Whether it's reviewing documents or checking their email, it's likely that an employee will be connecting to the corporate servers from personal smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, while this improves productivity, it can hurt security. This is what makes a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy important -- but sometimes it isn't enough. That’s where the Microsoft EM+S suite comes into the picture.

Why Office 365 EM+S Isn't Like Other Mobile Device Management Solutions - CWPS

Mobile devices are currently one of the major attack vectors for any organization, giving rise to the need for comprehensive cybersecurity and MDM solutions. Mobile Device Management Solutions like Microsoft’s Office 365 EM+S can secure user endpoints like smartphones and tablets, protecting an organization from compromise. Though there are many solutions available, Microsoft Office 365 EM+S goes beyond a traditional MDM, taking a much more granular approach to managing company data on mobile devices. 

7 Ways to Use Office 365 Teams' Live Event Feature - CWPS

The Microsoft Teams app has many features that are excellent for day-to-day tasks, but there are also powerful features that you may not use every day. While you might have daily text chats, review reports using meetings, and place calls through Microsoft Teams, you're not as likely to host live events constantly. Nevertheless, live events may be an excellent way to improve internal and external engagement.

Tips for Securing Your Team Collaboration Tools - CWPS

With Teams, employees can easily work together even remotely and to bring external partners into project conversations. However, as useful as this is, it creates a problem: some of these individuals may be working in insecure locations or through insecure endpoints. Greater levels of flexibility come with greater security concerns. So how does Microsoft Teams keep conversations secure?

5 Ways to Drive Sales With Microsoft Teams' Meeting Solutions - CWPS

From online meeting tools to client-facing features, sales departments have a lot to gain from a migration to Microsoft Teams. Through Microsoft Teams, sales departments have the ability to coordinate and communicate both internally and externally, streamlining their processes and capturing leads quickly. 

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams - CWPS

Sometimes a meeting is the only way to get something done fast. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to set up meetings, whether you need to meet with your entire group or one-on-one. Here's how to set up, customize, and hold a Microsoft Teams meeting. 

Creating a Roadmap to the Cloud with Cloud Managed Services - CWPS

Transitioning to the cloud is one of the biggest, most all-encompassing moves that a business can make. Your roadmap is going to determine how successful your transition is. Here's how a cloud managed services provider can assist with developing your roadmap.