How the Right Hardware Could Improve Your Next Microsoft Teams Meeting

Posted by Gary Utley on September 12, 2019

How the Right Hardware Could Improve Your Next Microsoft Teams MeetingMicrosoft Teams is a very useful tool for collaborating with others all around the world — or even just those in your office. But one thing that can make it better is the proper hardware.

Hardware supports your software. Without the right hardware, any meeting tool may become slow and unpredictable. But there are special technologies, such as the support of Polycom Microsoft Teams, that can improve your company's deployment.

Here's what you need to know about meeting the hardware requirements of Microsoft Teams meeting. 

The Importance of the Right Hardware

All software solutions are made better by the right hardware. Even cloud solutions need the right end-user hardware for better connectivity. MS Teams, with both its web and on-premise solutions, is no exception. With the right hardware, Microsoft Teams is able to operate far more effectively.

Here are some advantages of using the right hardware:

  • Less time wasted on troubleshooting. You don't want to spend time troubleshooting end user devices every time you have a Microsoft Teams meeting scheduled. If something goes wrong with your Microsoft Teams meeting, you need to stop everything, put in trouble tickets, and hope the problem is resolved. This can kill a lot of time. 
  • Higher quality video and audio. A Microsoft Teams meeting does require a high-speed internet connection and reliable devices. If not properly supported, it's easy for people to be misheard and for miscommunication to occur. With the right routing and configuration, you can receive high quality video and audio consistently, and you'll be able to connect video and audio at high speeds.
  • Better reliability. When you need to connect, you need to connect. You don't want employees wasting time struggling with their meetings. The right hardware will ensure that calls go through each time, and that the quality is good each time. Employees won't have to test the reliability of their calls in advance, and therefore won't need to waste company time. 
  • Greater levels of professionalism. Slow meetings and erratic calls don't seem professional. If you need to stop and restart your MS Teams meeting multiple times, or you find yourself constantly breaking up, it will imply to your clients and vendors that you don't have the right technology. When you don't have the right technology to support your own infrastructure, it can disincline clients from working with you.
  • More scalability. As your business continues to grow, it will need to support additional connections. Employees are going to be communicating more in general, and that means a need for higher speed internet, better call routing, and superior technology overall. The right hardware will be able to support this scalability, to make it easier for your company to grow.
  • Superior security. Security is important when it comes to any communication or collaboration infrastructure. Better hardware makes it easier for the company to secure its technology, through better encryption and support. Newer hardware makes it possible to use more advanced, next-generation security technology, so documents and communications shared through MS Teams can be better controlled. 
  • Easier of use for end-user devices. End-user devices, such as smartphones, can also be primed for the use with MS Teams. When the right hardware is used in terms of end-user devices, it's easier for employees to connect with each other. Microsoft Teams has certified devices that come with easy access to the MS Teams solution. 

Your MS Teams meetings can be improved upon in a great number of ways through better hardware solutions. But finding and implementing this hardware infrastructure can be a challenge in and of itself. That's why a complete, integrated system, like Polycom Microsoft Teams can help. 

Getting Ready for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has hardware that's designed to support better MS Teams connectivity. Companies that are interested in transitioning to MS Teams will need to look into their hardware and software infrastructure, and consider which items are going to need to be upgraded or replaced first. 

Understandably, that can be difficult. Many businesses aren't able to drop everything in order to upgrade their hardware and software. CWPS provides an all-in-one Microsoft Teams solution that supports your transition. From advising you on the right hardware to creating the proper software upgraded paths, CWPS can handle all aspects of the project for you. 

It's hard for a company to requisition employees internally for larger projects. Most IT employees are already busy, having to manage day-to-day tasks and put out fires. They aren't able to manage projects without setting aside other important tasks, which could also include critical tasks such as backups. This can lead to hardware upgrades being pushed into the future. 

Interested in how the proper hardware can improve your Microsoft Teams experience but not sure where to start? Contact CWPS today for a free consultation – let our experience work for you.

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