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Posted by Gary Utley on May 16, 2017

Over the weekend, “WannaCry” a malicious worldwide ransomware attack crippled hundreds of thousands of end-users and organizations including hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies in countries across the world.

"WannaCry," took advantage of a vulnerability known as EternalBlue, which exploits the Microsoft Windows SMB protocol. Hackers began their attack by distributing random phishing emails with the virus attached. Once end-users opened the attachment, the virus would encrypt files on their computer and lock them out. Users were prompted to pay a ransom in the form of bitcoins to obtain their data.

The virus, still not contained, has the potential to access multiple systems and computers across the world. Experts have advised individuals and organization to install all available security updates immediately.


  • Next-Gen Endpoint Protection is available to predict and prevent WannaCry ransomware for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX endpoints both online and offline and embedded Windows.
  • Comprehensive patching systems are a must to ensure that the updates cited in the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2017 and others, are installed properly.
  • The initial infection vector for WannaCry seems to have been a phishing attack where fake invoices, job offers and lures are being sent to random email addresses. You must protect against the crippling effects of human error.


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CWPS Cloud Assist Security Foundations provides your organization with the multilayer protection service that prevents, protects and educates end-users from becoming a victim of ransomware.

  • Secure Internet Gateway.The first step toward advanced cyber security is to predict attacks before they happen and expand your threat protection beyond the perimeter by removing your DNS blind spot. Protect your users anywhere they access the internet from ever more sophisticated cyber attackers before they can even launch.
  • NextGen Endpoint Protection. Our next level of defense is to protect your endpoints in the event an attacker does get through. Our next-generation antivirus solution uses an artificial intelligence and machine learning approach to predict, identify and prevent both known and Day Zero cyber threats from ever executing or causing harm to your endpoints.
  • Security Awareness. Finally, we believe one of the greatest ways of protecting your environment is to deploy systematic security awareness training to your employees. All companies have employees who are frequently exposed to advanced phishing attacks and they can become the weak link in your security. We can help companies manage the continuing problem of social engineering.

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